Irish Times (Crosaire) - Mar 7 2020

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Clues Answers
Academic entertains a heartless address by Deep Purple? DAMSON
Adjust figures for chopped up trees RESET
Ancestor drops net for ocean predators ORCAS
Arab ruler consumed by the mirage EMIR
Barney Duff could be handy NEARBY
Bishop is not in good shape making way through the house BILL
Blackthorn in park off hill SLOE
Busy architect gets rid of art HECTIC
Call up for reserve - the big, thick, blocky type that some are buzzing over locally TELEPHONEBOOK
Colourful type of The Foreign Review RED
Competent expertise is short at French university SKILFUL
Dance member from Ring LIMBO
Drunk beer from Switzerland that might blow your head off? BREECH
Factor in - English workers in accommodation ELEMENT
Fast food stolen for party is great HOTDOG
Fragment of reprimand is controversial in Ring DISC
Guy's partner picked up by special agent GAL
Helicopters dropping off richest staff POLE
In Paris where leading characters in A Tale of Two Cities, for instance, produced result OUTCOME
Clues Answers
Knocking back containers of Scotch? STOP
Mafia lies spread by those accommodating types on some sites MOBILES
Mournful type of European starting to play Gaelic ELEGIAC
Of great importance to loyal state FATEFUL
Offer sample of wasabi dish BID
Peaceful character with reversible cap and interesting top that half fits is caught PACIFIC
Plant lots of broccoli heads in spring? A lie! LOBELIA
Quality of pun from Republican CALIBRE
Registered two types of drugs to make something with the same ingredients REHASH
Sentry left stony broke and the author is responsible for this BOOK
Shy type limps out of Olympics COY
Similar to one of those in 14 down on visit picked up at the start of a conversation TELEPHONECALL
Small change to The New Yorker's direction going like crazy around college NICKEL
Somehow lose Pat Thomas, for one APOSTLE
Sound out the listeners with oldie from Daniel Defoe DEAFEN
The cost of a mobile in Ring for the four characters in 29 across TELEPHONEBILL
Time for great footballer to retire is perfect? On top of the world and employed by communications business! TELEPHONEPOLE
Unfinished station on motorway held up by motorised transport MOPED
Uniform for Trim meeting EVEN