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Clues Answers
'Doggone!' DRATIT
'Ew, gross!' YUCK
'My Heart Will Go On' singer Dion CELINE
'No worries, dude' IMCOOL
'The Raven' co-star Bela LUGOSI
'Time — the essence' ISOF
'Who's interested?' ANYONE
'You wish!' ASIF
'You're oversharing,' in texts TMI
'— -haw!' (rodeo shout) YEE
'— girl!' ATTA
'— tu' (Verdi aria) ERI
Absorbed ENRAPT
Academy URL ending EDU
Actor Bana of 'Munich' ERIC
Actor Shaw ROBERT
Aid in wrongdoing ABET
All-out attempt TITANICEFFORT
Alpine abode CHALET
Arafat's gp PLO
Article in Germany EINE
Australia's main airline QANTAS
Author Hemingway ERNEST
Author — Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Averse (to) LOATH
Bad deed SIN
Bank acct. underwriter FDIC
Baseballer Mays WILLIE
Bona — FIDE
Brokerage employee TRADER
Catch red-handed NAB
Charges to get some quick cash ATMFEES
Chinese noodle dish LOMEIN
Church seats PEWS
Chute-deploying jumper SKYDIVER
Clause's cousin PHRASE
Clucking bird HEN
Columnist Bombeck ERMA
Control the course of STEER
Dayton-to-Toledo dir NNE
Didn't leave STAYED
Diplomat ENVOY
Discontinued iPod NANO
Dollar part CENT
Drink in a schooner ALE
Duel weapon EPEE
Elk relative DEER
Euphoria ELATION
Face-off area in hockey (or what's found in eight answers in this puzzle) CENTERICE
Female honcho BIGMAMA
Fixed fashionably DIDUP
Force along URGE
Form a single file LINEUP
Frigate, e.g SHIP
Furious state IRE
Geraint's patient wife ENID
Go ahead of PRECEDE
Go on a brief yacht outing DAYSAIL
Gore and Pacino ALS
Goth foe HUN
Govt. med approver FDA
Have dinner SUP
Healing sign SCAR
Healing sign SCAB
Here, to Yves ICI
Hidden obstacle SNAG
Hits, as a fly SWATS
Ho-hum grades CEES
Humorous impact COMEDICEFFECT
Imaginary band on the earth's surface MAGNETICEQUATOR
Kid-lit's Longstocking PIPPI
Clues Answers
Kitchen flooring, to a Brit LINO
Liam of film NEESON
Like 'penne' and 'graffiti' ITALIAN
Low in pitch BASS
Ltr. extra ENC
Luge, diving and biathlon OLYMPICEVENTS
Marina del —, California REY
Marlon of film BRANDO
Mental haze FOG
Morales of 'Bad Boys' ESAI
Most liberated FREEST
Move like a hula dancer WIGGLE
Musical McEntire REBA
Noisy tot toy RATTLE
Olden times YORE
One frosting a cake, e.g SPREADER
Onetime rival of Nintendo SEGA
Part of QED ERAT
PC screen type LCD
Penne — vodka ALLA
Person on a most-wanted list PUBLICENEMY
Photoelectric cells used for IDing MAGICEYES
Poker cost ANTE
Potentially shocking fish EEL
Pre-euro Spanish money PESETA
Principles of household management DOMESTICECONOMY
Property of a body in motion KINETICENERGY
Pulitzer-winning novelist Jennifer EGAN
Puts forth EXERTS
Ralph of 'The Karate Kid' MACCHIO
Rock concert equipment AMPS
Roman 1,501 MDI
Rooted (in) BASED
Sandwich shop DELI
Seek pleadingly SOLICIT
Sends back into custody REMANDS
Sharply focused INTENT
Sit heavily PLOP
Skate parts BLADES
Smoothed (out) EVENED
Socrates' 'H' ETA
Some trig functions SECANTS
Speak like Daffy Duck LISP
Strong coffee ESPRESSO
Students at Yale ELIS
Suffix with ethyl ENE
Suffix with fact OID
Sullen DOUR
Swanky POSH
Swindle SCAM
Taj Mahal locale AGRA
Take one's leave EXIT
The Bradys' Alice, e.g MAID
They may run Windows PCS
Tightens, as one's fist CLENCHES
Title heroine of a 2001 French film AMELIE
Tone down TEMPER
Trac II successor ATRA
Track circuit LAP
Uncanny ODD
Uppercut landing area CHIN
Vardalos of the screen NIA
Went uphill or downhill SLOPED
Wets a bit MOISTENS
Windmill part VANE
Wine vessel CASK
Writ for court appearance SUBPOENA
Yamaha products PIANOS
— avis (one of a kind) RARA