Wall Street Journal - Dec 3 2019 - Stages of Change

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Clues Answers
“I take it that’s ___” ANO
“Invisible Cities” author Calvino ITALO
“Well, looky here!” OHO
“___ Misérables” LES
*“Well, that’s unsurprising” SOWHATELSEISNEW
*Cradle of civilization FERTILECRESCENT
*Irritatingly confident of one’s own intelligence TOOCLEVERBYHALF
*Request on a bill PLEASEPAYINFULL
Advice for a young man GOWEST
Alternatively, to a texter OTOH
And others, in ancient Rome ETALII
Army officers below Capt LTS
Beehive State tribe UTES
Before, before ERE
Best Buy buys TVS
Big hit in the ballpark TRIPLE
Break a vow, say CHEAT
Bro or sis SIB
Bygone iPods NANOS
Christopher who authored a controversial 2016 dossier STEELE
Cocoa container MUG
Comic Mort SAHL
Corp. money minder CFO
Cover with concrete PAVE
Desert mound DUNE
Design detail SPEC
Drawer for dollars TILL
Entourage POSSE
Fabrication LIE
Felt a longing YENNED
Fort-capturing operations SIEGES
From Russ., before 1991 SOV
Gene messenger RNA
Go for a run? SKI
Guinea pig or goldfish, say PET
Clues Answers
Highlight from a diva SOLO
IT staffers maintain them PCS
Jazzy instruments SAXES
Kemper of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” ELLIE
Kingly name in Norway OLAV
Least modern OLDEST
Lopsided UNEVEN
MacGraw of “Love Story” ALI
Makeup of a bath-time beard SOAPSUDS
Many a time OFT
Marks, as a box XES
Measures of medicine DOSES
Narrow strip of land: Abbr ISTH
Naval officer below Capt CDR
Palindromic fashion magazine ELLE
Parental comment about a teen’s rebelliousness, and a hint to the last words of the starred answers ITSJUSTAPHASE
Point ___ return OFNO
Seeds-to-be OVULES
Send a Dear John letter ENDIT
Shake one’s booty TWERK
Shoemaker’s tool AWL
Sites for campers RVLOTS
Societal problems ILLS
Some contraception choices, for short IUDS
Spot to get corned beef on rye DELI
Subterranean scurrier SEWERRAT
Superlative suffix EST
Tough, straight-grained wood ASH
Vowel that looks like an H ETA
Washroom fixture BASIN
What a double shot of espresso might provide JOLT
Work without ___ (take risks) ANET
Writer Damon RUNYON
___ B’rith BNAI
___ de deux PAS
___ Nostra COSA