Universal - Aug 24 2019

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Clues Answers
"All I Wanna Do" singer SHERYLCROW
"Bam!" relative POW
"Best I Ever Had" singer DRAKE
"City of Stars" singer RYANGOSLING
"Feeling alright?" YOUOK
"Life of Pi" director Lee ANG
"Shake It Off" singer TAYLORSWIFT
"Volare" singer DEANMARTIN
2016 Olympics site RIO
Apartment document LEASE
Aquaman's realm OCEAN
Base for poi TARO
Bit of rain DROP
Bobby beaten by Billie Jean RIGGS
Bordeaux buddy AMI
Bradstreet's partner DUN
Cave hanger BAT
Christie's "And ___ There Were None" THEN
Climate change activist Al GORE
Cocoa cups MUGS
Comedy or dramedy GENRE
Computer drop-down MENU
Country once called Persia IRAN
Ctrl+Z command UNDO
Damage the reputation of SMEAR
Derby racer HORSE
Diva's solo ARIA
E.T.'s ship UFO
Editor's "cut it out" DELE
Enjoy Whistler SKI
Fireplace residue ASH
First Bond film, 1962 DRNO
Former forensic drama CSI
Fuel efficiency stat MPG
Girl in a Salinger title ESME
Girl who's coming out, for short DEB
Gives the green light to OKS
Gloves often sold singly OVENMITTS
Hair-raising EERIE
Clues Answers
Have vision trouble SEEDOUBLE
I's in sorority names IOTAS
In the boondocks RURAL
Layers of thickness PLIES
Lead-in to "way" or "where" ANY
Leaves in a box? TEA
Line of type? SERIF
Mean face SNEER
Nibble for a nag OAT
One, on coins UNUM
Oteri in "SNL" reruns CHERI
Picture within a picture INSET
Pioneer in arcade games ATARI
Planetary shadow UMBRA
Possessive for most women HERS
Publicly condemn DECRY
Publishes on a blog POSTS
Puma or Jaguar BRANDNAME
Relaxed state EASE
Rowdy dance party RAVE
Sneezy's outburst ACHOO
Spaghetti or fettuccine PASTA
Special lingo ARGOT
Sportswear company FILA
State of the ___ ART
Task list heading TODO
The Flintstones' snorkasaurus DINO
The year 1004 MIV
Transit app with a black-and-white icon UBER
U.S. island east of the Philippines GUAM
Uncle Remus address BRER
University of Maine site ORONO
Vatican City currency EURO
Warmer than freezing, in Canada ABOVEZERO
Whom Dorothy went off to see THEWIZARD
Word repeated before "pants on fire" LIAR
Work-measuring exercise machine ERGOMETER
___ Canals (Great Lakes connectors) SOO
___ sanctum INNER