- Jun 30 2019

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Clues Answers
''Face the Nation'' network CBS
''Father of Science Fiction'' VERNE
''Fiddler on the Roof'' butcher LAZAR
''Later!'' SEEYA
''Shores of Tripoli'' land LIBYA
''Star Trek'' role UHURA
''Star Wars'' royalty LEIA
''Up and __!'' ATEM
24 sheets QUIRE
91, to Nero XCI
A few drops, for short TSP
Actor Palminteri CHAZZ
Actress Tara REID
Added triangular material to GORED
Adding carbonation to AERATING
Aesopian animal ANT
African scavenger HYENA
Agreed (with) SIDED
Arabian Nights name ALI
Assessed RATED
Assign (to) ALLOT
Assist in criminality ABET
Auto buyer's concern* RELIABILITY
Auto engine pioneer BENZ
Automated friend of 34 Across ARTOO
Big name in gothic fiction ANNERICE
Biked or bused RODE
Bringing about* occasioning
British pop singer ADELE
Cable provider's devices DVRS
Cameo shapes OVALS
Catcher's posture SQUAT
Checks to write PAYABLES
Coiner of the answers to the nine starred clues COLERIDGE
Cold-weather hauler SLED
Comedian Schumer AMY
Common salary deduction STATETAX
Common Scottish surname MCLEOD
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Conductor's reference SCORE
Contractor's estimate QUOTE
Cookie jar closer LID
Cooper hero UNCAS
Corporate upper echelon EXECS
Counties like Cornwall SHIRES
Country singer Tillis PAM
Cow-feeding area LEA
Craftspersons' alliance GUILD
Cruller cousin DONUT
Cut way back on CURBED
Deductions expert CPA
Deeply felt INNER
Drink-brand suffix ADE
Ending for buck AROO
Ennoble EXALT
Fasten a tent again REPEG
Fivers ABES
Florida State team, familiarly NOLES
For example SAY
Freighter's load CARGO
Genetic duplicate CLONE
Hand-struck drum BONGO
Hard-to-please performer DIVA
Hazard smaller than a 7 Down ICEFLOE
Heavy wind GALE
High intensity shower* RAINSTORM
Highly perceptive ASTUTE
Hispanic ''What's up?'' QUEPASA
In a false fashion* DECEPTIVELY
In footwear SHOD
Indian royalty of old RAJAS
Clues Answers
It's not hot for long CRAZE
Japanese chess-like game SHOGI
Lake beside Buffalo ERIE
Letters on sunscreen SPF
London theater award OLIVIER
Lucille's longtime sidekick VIVIAN
Lurch while turning CAREEN
Making no progress STAGNANT
Marks, as some ballots XESIN
Metaphorical father* INAUGURATOR
Molded metal INGOT
Mover's roller DOLLY
Name-check CITE
No longer in force ENDED
Not much ATAD
Of war: Lat BELLI
One making a subject accessible* POPULARIZER
One of the guys MALE
One way to vote NAY
Out for a while SLEEPING
Overflowed TEEMED
Part of a sandal STRAP
Party announcement website EVITE
Party diversions GAMES
Patriotic nickname SAM
Phone trio JKL
Polar hazard BERG
Polk predecessor TYLER
Quietly, in a 41 Down PIANO
Quiz channel, for short GSN
Rectangular shapes OBLONGS
Resort island of Spain IBIZA
Rock in mines ORE
Royal rule REIGN
Sch. at Tempe ASU
School furniture DESKS
Screenplay section SCENE
Setting of ''Casino'' VEGAS
Shell out SPEND
Sidekick PAL
Singer Lovett LYLE
Small advantage EDGE
Some babysitters AUNTS
Some sodas COLAS
Southeast Asian capital HANOI
Stone __ (ancient cave dwellers) AGERS
Sudden increase SURGE
Sudden increase of support* GROUNDSWELL
Suppress, so to speak SITON
Switch with another ROTATEIN
Symbol of grace SWAN
Texter's guffaw ROFL
Think of as ideal* ROMANTICIZE
This sloop SHE
Too bad SAD
Totalitarians DESPOTS
Trepidation DREAD
Trojan War VIP HELEN
Truthful REAL
Truthful nature VERITY
Ultimately gains NETS
Unpleasant surprises SNAGS
Wander about ROAM
Wasted no time RACED
What ''general'' starts with SOFTG
What a drone can't do STING
What some profits are called TIDY
Where Munich is capital BAVARIA
Worthy of display* EXHIBITABLE
__ qua non SINE