USA Today - Jul 30 2019

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Clues Answers
'Cheap Thrills' singer SIA
'Either plagiarism or revolution,' to Gauguin ART
'Make it fast!' ASAP
'Masterpiece' airer PBS
'See ya!' ADIOS
1972 host to Nixon MAO
Any 'NYPD Blue' episode, now RERUN
Apple music player IPOD
Apres-ski spot LODGE
Apt to snoop NOSY
Available for a date FREE
B&B part BED
Bakery-cafe chain since 1987 PANERA
Bard's star-crossed lover ROMEO
Bisque morsel CLAM
Boozer's binge JAG
Brokers' charges FEES
Buckeyes' sch OSU
Christopher of 'Superman' REEVE
City trashed by Godzilla OSAKAJAPAN
Close pals, in texts BFFS
Coins struck for collectors PROOFS
Construction work, e.g OUTSIDEJOB
Curry favor with WOO
Face-to-face exam ORAL
Fashion designer Wang VERA
Feuding families, perhaps CLANS
France's longest river LOIRE
Giver of a Bronx cheer JEERER
Goofs off LOAFS
Guy's topknot MANBUN
Hall who co-hosted 'The Chew' CARLA
Hawaiian fish, on some menus MAHI
Heeded the alarm AROSE
Ignite, as a cherry bomb SETOFF
Indicator on a screen CURSOR
Interpol's French headquarters LYON
Island nation of Oceania FIJI
Jesus, to many SAVIOR
Clues Answers
Jib support MAST
Job detail, briefly SPEC
Lena of 'Havana' OLIN
Life jacket named for an actress MAEWEST
Life's strange twists IRONIES
Like Grant Wood settings RURAL
Like many Sherpas NEPALI
Like non-Rx drugs OTC
Marry like 45-Across ELOPE
Neck-and-neck EVEN
Needing a patch WORN
One who doesn't work on Shabbat ORTHODOXJEW
Parter of the Red Sea MOSES
Party hearty REVEL
Place for Blistex LIP
Restore to health CURE
Reunion attendee ALUM
Rhapsodic verses ODES
Ross of the Reform Party PEROT
Round waffle brand EGGO
Simple ear adornment STUD
Simpson in Mensa LISA
Sports team bigwigs OWNERS
Start of a Caesarean boast ICAME
Straphangers' buys, once TOKENS
Tater Tots maker OREIDA
Top with a graphic TEE
Trade blows BOX
Trellis climber IVY
TSA agents' requests IDS
TV's lifeblood ADS
Watched a friend's pooch DOGSAT
Wilma's toon husband FRED
Winning 4-3, say UPONE
Woody Allen emotion ANGST
Works with a Singer SEWS
World's top-selling cookie OREO
Write hastily JOT