New York Times - Aug 4 2018

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Clues Answers
'May It Be' singer, 2001 ENYA
'Star Wars' sporting event PODRACE
'The Astronomer' painter VERMEER
'Yep, perfectly clear' IHEARYA
Airer of the children's news program 'Newsround' since 1972 BBC
Alternative to a mandolin, informally UKE
Ancient title REX
Appetizer that may accompany sangria TAPA
Bottom line? HEM
Buffoons OXES
Buzz source HIVE
Calpurnia's dream of Caesar's death, e.g OMEN
Cash payment? ATMFEE
Chest-thumping, for short? CPR
Coin-flipping 'Batman' villain TWOFACE
Commute in the afternoon, say HEADHOME
Conversation stopper AHEM
Course number PAR
Dexterity SLEIGHT
Divorcé, e.g EXMATE
Electrically insulating material around nerve fibers MYELIN
End note? OBIT
Etta of old comics KETT
European river that originates from a glacier AARE
Exercise in student diplomacy, for short MODELUN
Feature of a moat DAM
Groundhog Day celebration, typically PRESSEVENT
Husband of Octavia NERO
It goes to hell STYX
It's performed on hands and knees in yoga COWPOSE
Job ad abbr EEO
Knock about ROVE
Lamebrain BOZO
Leader in a chorus line? TRA
Clues Answers
Like ranches, typically FENCED
Love of Cyrano de Bergerac ROXANE
Makeshift technique for female modesty HANDBRA
Makings of a population GENEPOOL
Member of the 'magnificent' 1996 U.S. women's gymnastics team STRUG
Never putting down roots for long RESTLESS
Old Gremlins and Hornets AMCS
One not abstaining WET
Ones not abstaining VOTERS
Only French-produced film to win an Oscar for Best Picture THEARTIST
Pen lead-in EPI
Pick up LEARN
Place for a post BLOG
Popular snack for bikers and hikers CLIFBAR
Preps, as cappuccino milk FROTHS
Provide job support ABET
Put something past? ACE
Quaint item on an office desk ROLODEX
Ran in place IDLED
Ringmaster? REFEREE
Sees (to) ATTENDS
Some spicy brews RYEBEERS
Some Tesla employees, in brief EES
Take it for a ride ROAD
Tech review site CNET
Things a smartphone has lots of USES
Unwanted state for a would-be lover FRIENDZONE
Wild country BUSH
With 1-Down, literally, downright dastardly BADTOTHEBO
With 10-Down, literally, now and then EVERYSOOFT
With 7-Down, literally, neither wins nor loses BREAKS
With 8-Down, literally, one just taking up space DEADWE
___ Fleck and the Flecktones BELA
___ humain (person: Fr.) ETRE
___ pop EMO