The Telegraph - Toughie - Nov 9 2017

Clues Answers
A big hit given backing in international group AXIS
A button woman mended for sophisticated sort MANABOUTTOWN
A couple of lines on short game for multiskilled type? ALLROUNDER
A great deal of money for turkey BOMB
Agree to accept a charge by letter as it seems APPARENTLY
Area beset by young to become dilapidated FRAY
Aristocratic woman with count shows common sense GREYMATTER
Betray European political leader in a familiar way EVINCE
Bring up atmosphere say about everything in shopping area GALLERIA
Car in place close to depot gets approval PLAUDIT
Extend seventh line of seats? GROW
Female given work in shapeless mass DOLLOP
First person noticed in audience something off-putting to observers EYESORE
Fool could make up this to obtain cosmetic AFTERSHAVE
Foreign Secretary once getting stick, it's said, in unofficial vote STRAWPOLL
Clues Answers
Frenchman's one in exercise in river vessel PUNT
Hatred in US college in Eastern state ENMITY
Haunt that's Parisian among French and English nature-lovers? FREQUENT
Insulting, using Ecstasy after measure of drink round American island ABUSIVE
Key reason to restrict source of litigation in legal loophole ESCAPECLAUSE
Labourer with head bitten by dog in Asian place THAILAND
One's in a cab travelling around maritime zone OCEANBASIN
Philosopher cited before economist as specialist in security? LOCKSMITH
Prepare to confront expert at college stopping newspaper round FACEUPTO
Principal means of linking computer LEAD
Resounding noise in impressive choir ECHO
Run in disunited area, we hear CAREER
See red article, jumper put on fellow after success HITTHEROOF
Thomas, say, roughly speaking is appealing? MOREISH
Wife remains for tasteless drink WASH