New York Times - Jul 26 2017

Clues Answers
'Chicago' simpleton ___ Hart AMOS
'Common Sense' pamphleteer PAINE
'Esther ...' ANYONEHOME
'Luke ...' MANOHANDS
'Sadie ...' MAGICWORD
'The deadline has arrived' ITSTIME
'Yvonne ...' TOBEALONE
2006 Supreme Court appointee ALITO
Align the cross hairs on AIMAT
Ballpark fig EST
Biden's successor as V.P PENCE
Black-tie affair GALA
British pol Farage NIGEL
Camera type, in brief SLR
Can't stomach HATES
Components of some batteries TESTS
Cut, as with a letter opener SLIT
Drop in on SEE
Eighth-century conquerors of Iberia MOORS
Fills with cargo LADES
Fire drill objective EXIT
Fr. misses MLLES
General local weather pattern CLIME
Go public with AIR
Guy's square dance partner GAL
Handles clumsily PAWS
Hankering ITCH
Hindu on a bed of nails FAKIR
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Jack's love in 'Titanic' ROSE
Keep under one's thumb ENSLAVE
KenKen solver's need LOGIC
Like a merino OVINE
Like all prime numbers but one ODD
Like some stock trades, for short OTC
Like some testimony and enemies SWORN
Many a September birth VIRGO
Mineral plentiful in kale IRON
Clues Answers
Musical partner of Peter and Paul MARY
Natalie Portman or Gene Simmons, by birth ISRAELI
Need ibuprofen, say ACHE
Not genuine: Abbr IMIT
Occupies, as a bird does a tree NESTSIN
Often-buggy software versions BETAS
On its way SENT
One referred to as 'my hero!' SAVIOR
One to whom you might say 'G'day!' MATE
Ore-___ (frozen food brand) IDA
Overcollect? HOARD
Play ___ with (do mischief to) HOB
Plays for a sap USES
Pulitzer winner Ferber EDNA
Queen of the Nile, briefly CLEO
Rambler maker of old, for short AMC
Reason to earn a badge MERIT
Response to 'Knock knock' WHOSTHERE
Rolling ___ (wealthy) INIT
S.S.N., e.g TAXID
Scale unit, in most of the world KILO
Second-most-populous nation INDIA
Secret ___ AGENT
Shelter rescues, e.g PETS
Some E.R. cases ODS
Squeeze moisture from WRING
Stepped heavily (on) TROD
Subject for gossips ITEM
Tucked in ABED
Typeface similar to Helvetica ARIAL
Vegas numbers game KENO
Washington establishment, so to speak SWAMP
Where Dorothy and Toto are from KANSAS
Whodunit's essence PLOT
Witchy woman HAG
Words of acclamation ALLHAIL
World-renowned FAMED
Yellowstone has more than two million of them ACRES
___ metal (1980s music subgenre) HAIR