The Washington Post - May 11 2017

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Clues Answers
'Cheerio!' TATA
'Devil Inside' band INXS
'Shh!' relative AHEM
'This is fun!' WHEE
'What a brutal week!' TGIF
'Wheel of Fortune' name VANNA
'Zounds!' EGADS
10K, say RACE
64-Across's realm RUSSIA
A strong one may invert an umbrella GUST
Acht minus sechs ZWEI
Asian pan WOK
Ballerina descriptor PRIMA
Big birds EMUS
CBS maritime drama NCIS
Childlike race in 'The Time Machine' ELOI
City 'it took me four days to hitchhike from,' in Paul Simon's 'America' SAGINAW
City near Ghost Ranch, a favorite Georgia O'Keeffe retreat TAOS
City north of Memphis CAIRO
Civil War general MEADE
Clarifying words IMEANT
Crazy consonant? ZEE
Critic Roger EBERT
Desk-bottom sticker CHEWINGGUM
Dracula costume item CAPE
East of Essen OST
Electric Chevy VOLT
Eye-related prefix OPTI
Full-length clerical garments CASSOCKS
Getting a good look at EYING
Had already learned KNEW
Half-note feature STEM
Head start JUMP
Hoops move FAKE
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
I-15 city between Los Angeles and Las Vegas BARSTOW
Clues Answers
Icy coating RIME
Is appropriate FITS
Kicks out EXPELS
Kitchen sticker FRIDGEMAGNET
Knife hawked on infomercials GINSU
La Salle of 'Under the Dome' ERIQ
Lambs, in Latin AGNI
Lay bare EXPOSE
Line on which y = 0 XAXIS
Mailroom sticker POSTAGESTAMP
Major in astronomy? URSA
Make busts SCULPT
Meadow drops DEW
Numbers game KENO
Old despot TSAR
Pacific island where much of 'Lost' was filmed OAHU
Pacified QUELLED
Parking place GARAGE
Personal assistant AIDE
Producer Ponti CARLO
River through Frankfurt ODER
Rock guitarist Eddy DUANE
Scrape (out) EKE
Service interruption OUTAGE
Spots for religious statues APSES
Stage direction EXIT
Subtle slur INNUENDO
They may not be on speaking terms EXES
Thrown SLUNG
Try to find SEEK
Used to be WAS
Water source WELL
Workshop sticker EPOXYRESIN
Zamboni domain RINK
__ fixe IDEE
__ Mahal TAJ
__ platter PUPU