The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26411 - May 13, 2016

Clues Answers
Asked to adopt bird with deformed limbs? BOWLEGGED
Backed great time involving rugby, though not initially where play occurs LLAREGGUB
Be dilettantish, turning out books in depression DALE
Be inclined to follow slow sort of schedule CHECKLIST
Boat lower after losing stern SCOW
Bone from bird included in total STERNUM
Confounded components of translation of Donne's? NONPLUSSED
Depart clutching sort of pencil after taking in one show EXHIBIT
Discomfort from motion and flapping of valences and skirts TRAVELSICKNESS
Expressed unhappiness after snakes affected by gale WINDSWEPT
Extravagant circulation claim by another old American magazine? LARGERTHANLIFE
Get rid of shifty person hogging Times page EXPEL
I control series of clues with a glittering display IRIDESCENT
Make complaint, being exhausted, having circled lake BLEAT
Marx talking about object of whaling industry? HARPOON
Clues Answers
Mostly sweet daughter twirling in clothes DRESSED
One fanatic seizing power supply INPUT
Online clothing store perhaps recalled accepting thanks in reply RETALIATE
People in church half-peeping round front of organ CHOIR
Performed in opera having declined a wine SANGRIA
Plain one should make shift to welcome in Queen without peers NONPAREIL
Popular female visiting France no longer productive GAINFUL
Rocket builders taking line regarding the nose NASAL
Satisfied to pick up point in draw TEMPT
Scotsman caught hacking into fruit machine? APPLIANCE
Source of medicine mostly a success in China PHIAL
Surprise when male clothing excludes article STAGGER
There's a surprise! A half back is on target WELLAIMED
Very rapid activity mostly constraining one computer problem VIRUS
Wild alarm about copper affected by spots MACULAR