L.A. Times Daily - Feb 7 2016

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Clues Answers
"Avatar" extras ETS
"Cheers" actor Roger REES
"Football Night in America" network NBC
"Great Scott!" EGAD
"Law & Order" detective Briscoe LENNIE
"M" director Fritz LANG
"No argument" TRUE
"The Chronic" Dr DRE
"The Lion King" baddie SCAR
"__ Gang" OUR
'90s Toyota PASEO
'90s veep ALGORE
Abbr. before a year ESTAB
Acknowledge tacitly NODTO
Actor with a mohawk MRT
Ages and ages EON
Agricultural pioneer DEERE
Aleve can alleviate one ACHE
Alibi problems GAPS
Andalusian city GRANADA
Anklebone TALUS
Asian lead-in EUR
Astringent fruit SLOE
Austria's Railjet, for one (#33) HIGHSPEEDTRAIN
Author Madeleine L'__ ENGLE
Back-country "contrary to" AGIN
Badlands formation MESA
Bar fruit LIME
Barack's 2010 High Court appointee ELENA
Base fig NCO
Beanpole SCRAG
Bits in a byte, e.g OCTET
Blew out EXHALED
By __ of: due to DINT
Call on the carpet HAULUP
Centric start ETHNO
Changes the play at the line of scrimmage (#21) CALLSANAUDIBLE
Cinch course EASYA
Columnlike architectural piece PILASTER
Conceptualizes IDEATES
Could be more productive (#34) DONTDOENOUGH
Critical point CROSSROADS
Cuddles SPOONS
D.C. trip highlight (#27) WHITEHOUSETOUR
Danish capital KRONE
Derisive shout HOOT
Do spadework DIGAHOLE
Downed noisily SLURPED
Drained of color ASHEN
Drawing rooms SALONS
Drinking song popularized by the Glenn Miller Orchestra (#36) LITTLEBROWNJUG
End of the '50s TV intro that began "This is the city" IMACOP
Exchange of nasty spots ADWAR
Fatty acid type OLEIC
Fatuous INANE
Fido's find ORT
Foolproof SURE
Former Saturn model ION
French connections? TETEATETES
French possessive TES
Gave it another go RETRIED
Give a little SAG
Got a four, probably MADEPAR
Gp. that hired an orchestra for its "Eldorado" album ELO
Green wheels ECOCAR
Greets, with "to" SAYSHI
Half a patio pair TONG
Hang out HOBNOB
Has a life EXISTS
Clues Answers
High degree NTH
Holly genus ILEX
Icelandic literary works EDDAS
Immortalized vessel of rhyme URN
Invited ASKED
Joule components ERGS
Latin trio word AMO
Like many an infielder's throw SIDEARM
Like Pinocchio, eventually REAL
Lotion additive ALOE
Mercedes rivals BMWS
Missoula home MONTANA
MLB scorecard entry SAC
Most massive known dwarf planet ERIS
Netmen's gp ATP
Nicollette's "Desperate Housewives" role EDIE
NutraSweet developer SEARLE
NW Penn. airport ERI
On a lark (#35) JUSTFORKICKS
One may be named for a president ERA
One who might be given the business SON
Pacific salmon COHOS
Papal garment ORALE
Phased-out Apple messaging tool ICHAT
Power agcy. created in 1933 TVA
Prophet's claim ESP
Put a handle on NAMED
Rains hard? SLEETS
Retiring DEMURE
Ridicule DERIDE
Roma road STRADA
Santa __ winds ANA
Saskatchewan city MOOSEJAW
Screening org TSA
Sea-Tac abbr ARR
Sentence sections PHRASES
Shells alternative PENNE
Skating legend ORR
Snickered TEHEED
Snippy, say RUDE
Some oscilloscope users: Abbr EES
Source of twigs called withies OSIER
Soviet cooperative ARTEL
Sports __ BRA
Spotty affliction? ACNE
Structural subj ANAT
Sweetie along the Seine AMIE
Take the high way? FLY
Telling tales LYING
To follow NEXT
Tossed about STREWED
Toughness SINEW
Trimming tools EDGERS
Undermines ERODES
Unkempt MESSY
Unsettle AGITATE
Vague number ANY
Valuable deposit ORE
Venomous venting DIATRIBE
Verboten thing NONO
Vietnam's __ Dinh Diem NGO
Walk in the park SNAP
When doubled, a common dolphinfish MAHI
White wine aperitif KIR
With one's back against the wall INAJAM
Word on mail from Madrid AEREO
Words from a returning traveler (#43) GUESSWHOSBACK
Words with letter or fax SENTA
Yet, to Yeats THO
__ nouveau ART
__ pal GAL