The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,016 - Jan 21 2016

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Clues Answers
Animal, hurt cat is raised MARMOT
Apparatus for landing gear in a cruder alternative UNDERCARRIAGE
Blithe or emotionless accepting proposition THEOREM
Boat crew supporting wide load WEIGHT
Corn reportedly in a row SERIAL
Dodge seeing raincoat's lifted SCAM
Extra work noticeable by current compiler OVERTIME
Father meddles with Time PRIEST
Former wife in diet ends increased sugar DEXTROSE
Fused dead part without resistance is changed ADAPTED
Government's leader expressed hesitation getting stuck GUMMED
Hires out a dodgy permit AUTHORISE
Hound is, by itself, endearing PERSECUTE
Housing people imprisoned by conviction TENEMENT
Inviting everyone round to catch United ALLURING
Clues Answers
Little time to go round the Italian city MILAN
Location occupied by heart of royalty? PALACE
Match -- one made in Heaven that fell? LUCIFER
More crackers in barrel overturned on floor NUTTIER
Note following article's subject THEME
Officer material, ace joining Nato oddly SERGEANT
One's attractive to men with lager etc drunk ELECTROMAGNET
Organ groove is endless after pot PANCREAS
Recording of affair entrapping one FILING
Solitary ego torn apart about love ISOLATED
Soon to be nameless, shortly ANON
Sticky end of girl's flower DISASTER
Tree's stock lacking core POPLAR
Troop is told to carry weapon PISTOL
Wants to sell top Queen single initially OFFERS