The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,308 - Oct 14 2013

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Clues Answers
Aged men involved in the final stages of a board meeting? ENDGAME
Around end of watch, escort put out lights TORCHES
Being apprehensive is not any use -- although it might be UNEASY
Being careless, tumbles over the coal scuttle SLIPSHOD
Competed in speed with one in highway RACED
Completely out of gear STARKNAKED
Creatures which increase -- but don't multiply? ADDERS
Declares a piece of poetry endless AVERS
Draw results in little play SKETCH
Filleted joint and topping for bishop MITRE
Grants a minor point AWARDS
Greek island -- one with a colony in Africa at one time RHODESIA
Happen to change course COMEABOUT
Information given by grass, perhaps DOPE
Medicine bottle that's taken through Libya's capital VIAL
Clues Answers
Record our time and dampen spirits DISCOURAGE
Risky transaction with a Greek character BETA
Separated and sure to play around ASUNDER
Singers are barred in it BIRDCAGE
Space explorer? ASTRONOMER
Split up and set off with compass ESTRANGE
Suddenly everyone's getting on simultaneously ALLATONCE
Supporters now in new stand ADHERENTS
Terribly grieved, draw apart DIVERGE
This offence may mean a criminal record ILLEGALENTRY
Tries making another attempt to pass RESIT
Tyrant captures northern retreat -- it's hopeless DESPONDENT
West Indian friar DOMINICAN
Wide selection of actors for radio BROADCASTING
Yard or square measure AREA