- Oct 23 2007

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Clues Answers
''Car Talk'' network NPR
''Classified'' listings ADS
''No way!'' FORGETIT
''So be it!'' AMEN
Abate EBB
Acting job ROLE
Attach, as a shirt button SEWON
Beerlike beverages ALES
Biol. or chem. SCI
Book page LEAF
Butterfly-catching device NET
Buying, as at a restaurant PAYINGFOR
Comparatively small TEENSIER
Completed, as a comic-strip drawing COLOREDIN
Cornbread PONE
Courageous one HERO
Data, for short INFO
Delegate's badge IDTAG
Dict. entries DEFS
Dir. opposite WSW ENE
Dog treats BONES
Doily material LACE
Driving-directions listings: Abbr. RTES
Dry as a desert ARID
Family vehicles AUTOS
First-rate AONE
Fix up REDO
Food plans DIETS
Fortune-tellers SEERS
Grade-schooler's transportation BUS
High-schooler, usually TEEN
Hole-punching tools AWLS
Idaho's capital BOISE
In that case IFSO
Incite EGGON
Inventor Edison THOMAS
Ireland alias ERIN
Jockey's mount HORSE
Last-place finisher LOSER
Clues Answers
Lawn burrower MOLE
Londoner's farewell TATA
Loses traction SKIDS
Make a change to ALTER
Makes happy ELATES
Makes illegal BANS
Mustache material HAIR
Obtained GOT
Old Faithful, for example GEYSER
Overwhelming victory ROUT
Pat gently DAB
Pesky insect GNAT
Playing marble AGATE
Prepared ground for planting HOED
Roaring feline LION
Ship-speed units KNOTS
Significant times ERAS
Singer McEntire REBA
Six-pt. football plays TDS
Small souvenir TOKEN
Smell __ (be suspicious) ARAT
Snake's tooth FANG
Special treat GOODIE
Stack PILE
Study hard CRAM
Suffix for west ERN
Suffix meaning ''sort of'' ISH
Taboo thing NONO
Topple UPSET
Transgressions SINS
Trying to increase one's salary ASKINGFORARAISE
Type like ''this'': Abbr. ITAL
Vatican leader POPE
Very high grade APLUS
Warner __ (film studio) BROS
Wasn't fooled by fakery CALLEDONESBLUFF
Wind instrument FLUTE
__ con carne CHILI