The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 26,912 - Jul 7 2012

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Clues Answers
'Hot' trader's dealings -- one might get a ticket for it TRAFFICOFFENCE
A new sort of energy of the body ANATOMIC
Bring on popular dog INCUR
Criminal began cruel hoax -- it took in job-seekers LABOUREXCHANGE
Famous modern artist on hospital ward EMINENT
Film director collapsed near island FELLINI
Film star's first name ex-president won't take on CLINT
Fit rugby player has little hesitation PROPER
Former quality spoken of mythical brand EXCALIBUR
Frightful chap with airs -- I could be hypocritical PHARISAIC
Funny lines fed TV comedian SEINFELD
Gave up job and agreed a new contract RESIGNED
Guide's turn of phrase SHERPA
Having sign of damage to bodywork outside, watch sound racing vehicle STOCKCAR
Clues Answers
Horns coming from zebra's skull BRASS
In favour of broaching old rock band to get together again REFORM
Less interesting flannel FLATTER
Lor! boats finish in poor repair -- not like this BRISTOLFASHION
One German article penned by agent in untidy hand SPIDERY
Person going to court having simple falling-out PLAINTIFF
Plundering coarse material SACKING
Polish religious symbol represents point of no return RUBICON
Preserve farewell vocal work CANTATA
Site frequently visited -- internet address that is in bar mostly PURLIEU
Something to go with tea caddies, woken up rudely UPSIDEDOWNCAKE
Surrey town produces, among others, exuberant actor EGHAM
Take tiller for craft of girls' organisation GUIDESHIP
This person's subject fails to start, having defective vision MYOPIC