The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 26,861 - May 9 2012

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Clues Answers
A lot live dangerously, liable to explode VOLATILE
Almost cherished name for man of the church DEAN
Always popular, the first lady runs without experience EVERGREEN
Bed rest taken regularly after some golf game ROUNDERS
Block sources of support and help useless posh bloke SHUTOFF
Called with electronic compass RANGE
Copies given to doctor -- that's curtains! DRAPES
Field sports, initially with copper present SPHERE
Grudgingly accept new role in gallery TOLERATE
How Marxists might celebrate a victory? PAINTTHETOWNRED
In the long run such work may be offered OVERTIME
King George and father grab a quiet drink GRAPPA
Land and fit rear arm anew TERRAFIRMA
Learner wearing joke jumper is a clumsy fool CLODHOPPER
Live group getting besieged BESET
Clues Answers
Mourn the French way? RUE
Nothing found in unusually labile plant LOBELIA
Old fools, trapping English wild cats OCELOTS
One who calls for victory -- is it over outside? VISITOR
Pregnant rep lies about investor SLEEPINGPARTNER
Put up with topless yobbos and aggressive moves BEARHUGS
Religion like this welcoming suggestion SHINTO
Ruin most of planet MAR
Set off in time and fixed with engineers inside TRIGGERED
Showing respect after victory in quagmire BOWING
South America invested in oil campaign CRUSADE
Thankyou note asks for money TAPS
Unfortunate -- splashed endlessly around HAPLESS
Voting system is working in gaol PRISON
Vulnerable European Community protected by guarantee INSECURE