L.A. Times Magazine - Sep 2 2007

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Clues Answers
"It's possible" IMAY
"Would you like to see ___?" AMENU
"___ a stinker?" AINTI
"___ objections?" ANY
1776 role ADAMS
A cabinet dept. EDUC
Actress Falco EDIE
Actress Jillian ANN
Airliner types DCS
Andean ruminant LLAMA
Animal abode LAIR
Antifreeze compound GLYCOL
Asylum seeker EMIGRE
Bali product BRA
Ballpark fig. ERA
Banker Kahn OTTO
Barnyard plaint OINK
Best-of-seven qualifier for the World Series: abbr. NLCS
Big gun MORTAR
Bother, to the Bard ADO
Brand of crackers HIHO
Bring up REAR
Bygone Eur. realm HRE
Carpe follower DIEM
Certain airline, on the NYSE AMR
Check on furtively PEEKIN
Chem. or biol., e.g. SCI
Ciardi's ___ a Man IMET
Cleveland Hall of Famer known for his sinkerball BOBLEMON
Coaching legend ROCKNE
Cockney greeting ELLO
Cold port NOME
Collectible vinyl LPS
Color anew REDYE
Connect with LINKTO
Cut of steak FLANK
Cy Young winner Sparky LYLE
Deli offering BLT
Detroit-born DJ KASEM
Did telemarks, e.g. SKIED
Do in SLAY
Doorway part JAMB
Eddie Money lyric, "Baby, hold ___" ONTOME
Erstwhile First Family, with "the" TYLERS
Eskimo craft UMIAK
Explainer's words ALLIMEANTWAS
First American to win the Tour de France GREGLEMOND
First name in tennis ILIE
Fox or Bear intro BRER
Garden invaders WEEDS
George Peppard film, One More Train ___ TOROB
Georgetown player HOYA
Good (at) ADROIT
Greek letter ETA
Hank Aaron's birth state: abbr. ALA
He's "The Greatest" ALI
Highly excited AGOG
Hit the horn TOOT
Ho Chi ___ MINH
Iowa city on the Skunk River AMES
It might be false IDOL
Jackie's "O" ARI
Jai ___ ALAI
Jean who wrote of a cave-bear clan AUEL
Jeweler's glass LOUPE
Kindly (but ill-fated) guardian in the Lemony Snicket series UNCLEMONTY
King, for one MALEMONARCH
Kinks hit LOLA
Lake lurker GATOR
Less agitated CALMER
Clues Answers
Like Florida, often HUMID
Like some looks SLY
Long-time maker of the Magic 8-Ball TYCO
Long-time Newsweek film critic David ANSEN
Lou's La Bamba co-star ESAI
M followers NOP
Magnificently SUBLIMELY
Mass of grass SOD
Meth addition ANE
Moonshine holder JUG
Most recent news LATEST
Motown great GAYE
Muffin stuffin'? BRAN
Navaho foes UTES
New Testament book PHILEMON
One voted in ELECTEE
Other name of "Volare," "___ Blu, Dipinto di Blu" NEL
Parking meter sites, in London KERBS
Partner in an eye-products company LOMB
Peace, to Peter I MIR
Perot opposed it NAFTA
Pierce portrayer ALDA
Pioneering black comedian ___ Rogers TIMMIE
Prepared to pray KNELT
Prisoners do it TIME
Probation device that Martha Stewart wore ANKLEMONITOR
Queen of Ix in Oz stories ZIXI
Really cold ICY
Reason to keep playing TIE
River of Spain EBRO
Role for Shirley IRMA
Say "You're cute," say PAYACOMPLIMENT
Scale amts. LBS
See 113 Down SLINGER
Shade HUE
Ship's record LOG
Shocking fish EEL
Short length? ONEREEL
Silent OK NOD
Sleazy weasel SLIMEBALL
Smallest nation on Africa's mainland GAMBIA
Soccer legend PELE
Some TVs GES
Sort ILK
Strong ___ ASANOX
Subsided ABATED
Suffer AIL
Tartan pattern PLAID
The third man in The Third Man HARRYLIME
The U.S., to Mexico ELNORTE
They're self-centered? EGOS
Throw in ADD
Tin Man's request OIL
Tomato variety ROMA
Toss of the dice ROLL
Uris's ___ 18 MILA
Utters, perhaps EMITS
Verily YEA
W.C. Fields cry DRAT
Weightlifter's unit REP
Welles role KANE
Where cacti grow DRIERCLIMES
With 8 Down, a dirty campaigner MUD
Word on a maze START
Wrist action? SLAP
Writer Émile ZOLA
Yellowstone grazer ELK
___ Moines DES
___ toast MELBA