Universal - Jul 25 2007

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Clues Answers
''... life is ___ a dream'' BUT
''Gladiator,'' e.g. PERIODPIECE
''Paper or plastic'' item BAG
''Pick a card, ___ card'' ANY
''Take ___ out of crime!'' ABITE
''The Truman Show'' director PETERWEIR
Animal named for its coat color REDDEER
Animals with antlers ELKS
Appease, as a thirst SATE
Bassoon bit REED
Beatitudes verb ARE
Bradley and Sullivan EDS
Bunched in with AMID
Bygone despot TSAR
CAT scan alternative MRI
Cheerleader's sound RAH
Classic Japanese drama NOH
Classical prefix NEO
Country music's McEntire REBA
Cover charge, e.g. FEE
Desk features of old INKWELLS
Distinctive clothing GARB
Distract from the main subject SIDETRACK
English poet laureate Nicholas ROWE
Explosive liquid, briefly NITRO
Feed the kitty ANTE
Fish propeller FIN
Forenoons AMS
Fried chicken favorite WING
German ''no'' NEIN
German industrial city ESSEN
Go back to square one on REDO
Heat source for backpackers STERNO
Historic time piece? ERA
Huge racket DIN
Hypodermic needle amts. CCS
Indecisive result TIE
Indicate shock GASP
It may be near the sofa ENDTABLE
Clues Answers
Joins, as long-lost friends REUNITES
King of Skull Island KONG
Like some old records MONO
Lustrous material SATEEN
Maryland cake ingredient CRAB
Moola GELT
Mouse's milieu PAD
Nada NIL
Night spot BED
Nobelists Marie and Pierre CURIE
O'Grady of ''Eight Is Enough'' LANI
Obey an eight-sided sign COMETOAFULLSTOP
Ocean phenomenon TIDE
One way to move merchandise SELL
Opera about an enslaved Ethiopian girl AIDA
Piano sonata composer Muzio CLEMENTI
Play enders, sometimes EPILOGUES
Poetic form ODE
Porgy's beloved BESS
Prejudice BIAS
Relative of a rhea EMU
RR stop STA
Saratoga stats ODDS
Serengeti beast GNU
Stalling-for-time sounds ERS
Stock holder of Roy Rogers? LASSO
Stock market pessimist BEAR
The Guggenheim Bilbao, e.g. MUSEUM
Trucking rig SEMI
Uses a swizzle stick STIRS
Walk unsteadily REEL
Wear down ABRADE
What a Geiger counter measures RADIATION
Winter malady FLU
With tabula, it's a blank slate RASA
Without without with? OUT