The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 23,826 - Aug 20 2002

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Clues Answers
Act taken up unchanged DEED
At no point prevent returning inside NEVER
Base line hugged in struggle VILE
Bog-standard solid fuel PEAT
Can year appear minute? TINY
Different answer - not that woman ANOTHER
Euphoria from shaping toenail ELATION
Fall back as soldiers pass RELAPSE
Feel depressed, in one's cabin BELOW
Film society member at thrash for audience CITIZENKANE
Finally over the 'flu? What a surprise WELLNOW
Fish with bread, then sponge ROLLMOP
Fix to come to a city RIGA
Head of company, one going off in chopper CLEAVER
His exploits were featured in 'The Robe' HERO
In drink, concentrated less WATEREDDOWN
Clues Answers
King of Spain longs for republic PHILIPPINES
Mops out asylum, having scraped away in the bathroom? CLEANSHAVEN
Mother follows one prayer leader IMAM
Needled, make slight mistake in row DROPASTITCH
Noble is under influence of drugs HIGH
Organise city investment BESIEGE
Player's agent first to be dropped ACTOR
Progressive lack of control SKID
Pudding for boy with measles? SPOTTEDDICK
Relatively masculine association BROTHERHOOD
Sits around in English chapel SISTINE
Start to cut, chop, and grind CHEW
Stride round the east in silence PEACE
Stupid person left in bed CLOT
Using royal name, factory took long time to make profit PLANTAGENET
Whitish enclosure PALE