The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 23,863 - Oct 2 2002

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Clues Answers
A Citroën modified in production CREATION
A shade risqué BLUE
Bob is a pawnbroker UNCLE
Bound to get HM a dog SPRINGER
Communicative faculty needed for discourse SPEECH
Discovered in need and unable to cope Foundwanting
Finish one's sentence in correct style (3,1,4,2,2) Putastoptoit
Give account of French clerk DESCRIBE
Go crazy on return STAB
Golfing scorers must be sober people TEETOTALLERS
Harridan who angled to hook a husband FISHWIFE
He should lose weight more quickly FASTER
Her children are graduates MAMA
Interrogate European through grated window GRILLE
Jacket an arbiter always returned REEFER
Longing to see enchanting woman lose her head ITCH
Clues Answers
Note painter's distress at award ceremony PRESENTATION
Old pieces found among his displays EXHIBITS
Polish banker offers nothing to the German ODER
Poor Turinese in need of sustenance ESURIENT
Rises to get stalls in operation STANDSUP
Said the tourist operator was to be ridiculed GUYED
Scoundrel offers inferior item for sale BADLOT
Soothsayer said to circumscribe many an English leader ORACLE
Spacious area of Ludlow I dearly wish to live in WIDE
Summer hazard for ophiophobes ADDER
Transported traitor without money RAPT
Trap set in late autumn Deadfall
Use food enhancers in due time SEASON
Virginia heartens wise man of violent nature SAVAGE
Where racegoers get salts, maybe EPSOM
Yeoman officer no longer serving EXON