Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 6 2015

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Clues Answers
Against a background of a dim back road AMIDST
At the end of the day, heads for two weeks in the sun perhaps? TWILIGHT
Before noon in a Mediterranean island go for a speciality repast CREAMTEA
Boxer is at Jacob's club - will 21 down swallow this? DOGBISCUIT
Cubist speculation? It's possibly for throwing good money after bad! DICE
Designed Louvre with plush-like fabric VELOUR
Duplicate perch, relatively speaking, in the pit DOUBLEBASS
First person getting connection right gets skilled work METIER
Heath rotated chamber MOOR
I'm warning you - risk small measure! THREATEN
Introduces man on street to the majority MOST
It?s for His Nibs, Stanley Baldwin, at the centre for old man of letters INKSTAND
Local prison officer is the first person on the radio with loopy type of pin SCREWEYE
Loosen on the outskirts of Universal Studios Orlando UNDO
Clues Answers
Make reference to model within old transport firm CITE
Offers some level of compensation for hedge cleaned out locally by regiment INSURANCEBROKER
On its own it's part of the puzzle ONEPIECE
Originally, dropped Long jauntily AIRILY
Possibly keep mum and pilot in race TACET
Predict omen for Browning's first attachment to lyric poetry BODE
Rasta left traumatised by boredom TEDIUM
Recently discovered lost land in Canada NEWFOUND
Rolf retires at home with old money FLORIN
Sale is designed by one of man's best friends LASSIE
Shows pictures to Gore distributed by someone familiar with the quiet man CINEMAGOER
Smarten up if consumed by a vision? BEAUTIFY
Talks too much to American? Petrol possibly holds the key! GASBAG
Tests the quality of the blow for windy type ANEMOMETER