USA Today - Dec 20 2014

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Clues Answers
"Goodnight" gal IRENE
"Little Women" author ALCOTT
"Selected Poems" Pulitzer poet Conrad AIKEN
A definition for "arm" FURNISHWITHGUNS
A definition for "foot" BASEOFAMOUNTAIN
A definition for "hand" POINTERONACLOCK
A definition for "leg" STAGEOFAJOURNEY
Bit of evidence CLUE
Bodybuilder's bane FLAB
Bryn ___ College MAWR
Chimney part FLUE
Cornet, e.g HORN
Crew member COX
Danny DeVito vehicle? TAXI
Debonair JAUNTY
Doctor Zhivago player SHARIF
Doesn't play SITSOUT
Elevator passage SHAFT
Engine attachment HOSE
Expressed in base eight OCTAL
Fake jewel material PASTE
Fit one inside the other NEST
Flying solo, e.g ALONE
Geological time period EON
Greek counterpart of Minerva ATHENA
Herr's better half FRAU
High in the sky ALOFT
Hoedown date GAL
Hot-rod rod AXLE
Hula accompaniments, briefly UKES
Immeasurable chasm ABYSS
Is in a cast ACTS
Is not well AILS
It makes an embarrassing sound RIP
It may be up your sleeve ACE
It's in the spotlight on some Sundays NFL
January's birthstone GARNET
Jiffy SNAP
Jodie in a 1999 epic ANNA
Clues Answers
La ___ (opera venue) SCALA
Land in water ISLE
Like severely inclement weather NASTY
Matter to go to court over TORT
Melodic tune AIR
Mob action RIOT
Most essential part CORE
Mottled horses ROANS
Nimble and quick SPRY
No. cruncher CPA
Noteworthy theater sign EXIT
Optimistic ROSY
Pacers and Ramblers, e.g AMCS
Pair DUO
Persuade COAX
Places to make hay? BARNS
Possessive adjective HER
Queen Boleyn ANNE
Recreational drive SPIN
Red ___ (cinnamon candies) HOTS
Role for Harrison HAN
Seal for documents SIGNET
Seeker of services CLIENT
Shakespearean verse SONNET
Simoleons MOOLA
Site for a bell DOOR
Sr.'s nest egg IRA
Start of a whispered comment PSST
Tearoom relative CAFE
They carry a charge IONS
They embarrass museums FAKES
They're not too nimble and not too quick OAFS
They're on course? GOLFERS
Tidbit for 36-Across OAT
Token of welcome LEI
What a thing is NOUN
Winter treat COCOA
Words with "tone" or "poor example" SETA
XXXVII trebled CXI