- Nov 28 2014

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Clues Answers
''Bus Stop'' playwright INGE
''Daily Bruin'' publisher UCLA
''Ella'' or ''elle'' SHE
''Hold it!'' WAIT
''Wonderfilled'' snack OREO
'90s coming-of-age sitcom BOYMEETSWORLD
Alliance BLOC
Arrival's cry HEREIAM
Audible silencer SHH
Baroque master BACH
Bohemian ARTY
Censorship-fighting org ACLU
Civil Rights Memorial architect LIN
Cold-weather coaster SLED
Concrete REAL 2014 milestone IPO
Custard ingredient YOLK
Dalí contemporary MIRO
Elitist SNOB
Enlighten EDIFY
Essentials ABCS
Fashion plate FOP
Fighter-jet HQ AFB
Fl. oz. fractions TSPS
Full of promise ROSY
Fundamental principle AXIOM
German car OPEL
German song LIED
Gets started SETSTO
Greenish blue TEAL
Hiding place STASH
Honorarium FEE
Hosp. readout ECG
Imprudent undertaking FOLLY
Intruder of kiddie lit GOLDILOCKS
Journey segment LEG
June celebrants DADS
Kipling's birthplace INDIA
Lighter-than-air craft DIRIGIBLES
Clues Answers
Long time to wait DAYS
Montana Folk Festival site BUTTE
More muscular BEEFIER
Mumbai's movie business BOLLYWOOD
Mushroom part STEM
Muskrat cousin OTTER
Off-road motorcycle race ENDURO
Oil source OLIVE
On-sale indicator REDTAG
One end of the spectrum VIOLET
Opposite of ''sur'' NORTE
Orchestra section REEDS
Outdoor game for tots TBALL
Pedal pusher BIKER
Piccata meat VEAL
Portend BODE
Prevent from seeing BLINDFOLD
Provoked, with ''on'' EGGED
Rings out TOLLS
Sector AREA
Sent away EXILED
Small bouquet POSY
Stray from the topic RAMBLE
Sugarcane, for example STALK
Sunscreen additive ALOE
Symbol of virtue HALO
The Wizard's revealer TOTO
Top guns ACES
Top off FILL
Typical Nick Jr. character TOON
Undulating WAVY
Upper hand EDGE
War of the Roses battleground BOSWORTHFIELD
Weekly whoop TGIF
What some sheets are made of ICE
Where to hear pins drop ALLEY
Witness's affirmation IDO
Wolverine weapon CLAW
Work at PLY