USA Today - Nov 24 2014

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Clues Answers
"Faster! Faster!" GOGO
66, for one ROUTE
A wealthy man NABOB
Altar vow IDO
Appellations NAMES
Area of land TRACT
AT&T's industry TELECOM
Barnyard's locale FARM
Carbon monoxide lacks it ODOR
Ceramics hot spot KILN
Classified things ADS
Clean, as a pipe REAM
Common office sounds MOUSECLICKS
Corrosive chemical ACID
Cubby, e.g NOOK
Delilah's victim SAMSON
Depart from the truth LIE
Doctor's modern tool LASER
Dollar, somewhere EURO
Double Stuf, e.g OREO
Eggy drinks NOGS
Expensive fiddle, for short STRAD
Fall for a scam BITE
Far from cheerful DOUR
Father, to an infant DADA
Four's inferior TREY
Freshman course word INTRO
Game with string CATSCRADLE
Genesis name EVE
Geometric figure AREA
Gooey lump BLOB
He's moved EMIGRE
Hearse's burden CASKET
Hindu deity DEVA
Holds the title of monarch REIGNS
Hollowed out, as a mountain CAVERNED
In a harsh way SEVERELY
Installs, as a lawn SODS
Clues Answers
Inventor's starts CONCEPTS
It comes to mind IDEA
Itty-bitty pencil STUB
Kind of barrier or boom SONIC
Lady's man BEAU
Lake near Niagara Falls ERIE
Like a souffle EGGY
Like some chatter IDLE
Litter little ones RUNTS
Made a mistake ERRED
Mandela's party ANC
Memorization method ROTE
Milky-white gem OPAL
Moo ___ pork (Chinese dish) SHU
Nectar inspector BEE
Often-pulled muscle GROIN
Old phone-cord shape COIL
One for the record books STAT
Play gigs city-to-city TOUR
Pliantly limber LISSOME
Pompous step STRUT
Prefix meaning "half" SEMI
Producer of potatoes IDAHO
Put up, as a building ERECT
Radial, e.g TIRE
Ransom seeker (var.) KIDNAPER
Refinable rock ORE
Spreadsheet item DATUM
Staying power, in Hollywood LEGS
Times studied by historians ERAS
Treat for a trick DOGBISCUIT
Trial's partner ERROR
Trig ratio (Abbr.) COSEC
Two tablets, often DOSE
Watch pockets FOBS
Where workers may sing for their supper OPERA
Where your money goes, sometimes SLOT
Young winged god of the Greeks EROS
___ terrier SKYE