USA Today - Oct 28 2014

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Clues Answers
"Does she or doesn't she?" subject DYE
"G'day" recipient MATE
"Industry" state UTAH
"Now I ___ me . . ." LAY
"What," "who," "how" or "where" follower ELSE
"You ___ bother . . ." NEEDNT
Adroit ADEPT
Anagram of "endear" NEARED
Asian weight unit TAEL
Barnyard sight STY
Beehive product HONEY
Beer features SUDS
Belonging to that guy HIS
Broadcasting ONAIR
Brown alternative PENN
Burn slightly, as when cooking SEAR
Canyon return ECHO
Carefree BLITHE
Carnivorous scavenger HYENA
Cash recipient PAYEE
Cattle COWS
Clifflike, flat-topped elevation MESA
Coffee picker-upper? GOFER
Comfort EASE
Cookie favorite OREO
Crystal-lined cavity GEODE
Data, for short INFO
Down-and-out time? NAP
Eggs of fish ROE
Enter one's password LOGIN
Fabled race loser HARE
Feature of all mammals WARMBLOODEDNESS
Feline zodiac sign LEO
First among siblings ELDEST
Fleshy seed cover ARIL
Funnel-shaped flower LILY
Hair description, sometimes WAVY
He produced "Good Times" LEAR
Homophone for 55-Down BORE
Clues Answers
Human equivalent of a horse's stifle KNEE
Iran-___ Affair CONTRA
It preys from above HAWK
Lecherous mythical creature SATYR
Lennon's bride ONO
Like many August days SULTRY
Like Mars ARID
Like Vikings NORSE
Likely to upset some MILDLYOFFENSIVE
Method conclusion? OLOGY
Most recent LATEST
Neutral color ECRU
One in deep meditation MUSER
One place to be lost ATSEA
Oxford scholar RHODES
Pack dirt TAMP
Palindromic principle TENET
Phi Delta ___ THETA
Provide, as with a quality ENDUE
Seven-eleven divider, in Vegas COME
Skewered Thai dish SATAY
Sow's spouse BOAR
Spot visually ESPY
Stirring solo performance ARIA
Stop working RETIRE
Strong rope fiber SISAL
Suffix on ordinal numbers ETH
Tattle tail? TALE
Three, in cards TREY
Track meet component EVENT
TV science program NOVA
Undergo recession EBB
Unhealthy-looking ASHY
Use Pandora or Rhapsody STREAM
Where to find Tehran IRAN
Window frame SASH
Without companions ALONE
Word with "pill" or "rally" PEP