Jonesin' - Oct 16 2014

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Clues Answers
'Do the ___' DEW
'Steppenwolf' author HESSE
'The Dukes of Hazzard' deputy ENOS
'Uh-huh' YEAH
4th and ___ INCHES
Abbr. on a cornerstone ESTAB
About 2.2 pounds, for short KILO
Additionally ALSO
Andrews of sportscasting ERIN
Armed agent MARSHAL
Baby bleater LAMB
Bangladesh's capital DHAKA
Boston paper GLOBE
Burrito outside TORTILLA
Cairo cross ANKH
Citified URBAN
Class for intl. students ESOL
Class that's simple to pass EASYA
Classifies SORTS
Computer brand ACER
Cream of the crop ELITE
Difficult TAXING
Doing the dishes, say CHORE
Driving force EGO
Egyptian, probably ARAB
First name in Orioles history CAL
Foot holder ANKLE
Fort ___, Florida MYERS
Fusses ADOS
Game with cards and callers BINGO
Gets on one's knees BEGS
Got in the pool, maybe DOVE
He'd love to have you over for dinner CANNIBAL
Jolly ___ RANCHER
Kind of duck EIDER
Love so much ADORE
Lovett who loved Julia Roberts LYLE
Magazine with a famous crossword PEOPLE
Clues Answers
Missouri structure ARCH
Nicholas II, e.g CZAR
Niihau necklaces LEIS
Not yours MINE
One end of the Iditarod race NOME
Part of a crab CLAW
Part of a race LEG
Perfect IDEAL
Place for cremains URN
Prefix with 'mom' OCTO
Probably soon NOTYET
See it the same way AGREE
Slanted type of type: abbr ITAL
Some resorts SPAS
Spike who directed 'Crooklyn' LEE
Spy novelist Deighton LEN
Stadium cheer RAH
Suspicion HUNCH
Symbol of strength OAK
Taipei pan WOK
Take ___ (go swimming) ADIP
Takes to the skies AVIATES
Talks to online SKYPES
Teacher for the day SUB
The shortest month? MAY
Too far to the left or right, as a field goal attempt WIDE
Tour worker ROADIE
Tree with needles PINE
Unnecessary hassle DRAMA
Used to be WERE
War god ARES
Woody Guthrie's kid ARLO
You live in it, physically MILKYWAYGALAXY
You're living in it, geologically CENOZOICERA
You're part of it, along with being in the Class Mammalia PHYLUMCHORDATA
___ alphabet RUNIC
___ colors PRIMARY
___ San Lucas CABO