The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,378 - Sep 30 2014

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Clues Answers
A parasite receiving paper hat, originally from charitable institution ALMSHOUSE
About to embrace girls, touching bottom AGROUND
Badly wanting a maypole to hire EMPLOY
Cream, mostly, and fan thereof, turning touchy TACTILE
Dubious heirs to Switzerland's treasure CHERISH
Food parcel causing bulge in the nether regions? LUNCHBOX
Four jabs administered through the looking-glass? Great! FRABJOUS
Hun running amok craving divorce? UNHITCH
Investigator of death trap concealing nothing CORONER
Moan, if drink's drunk hot WHINE
Navigator's bit of kit to turn brown within 31 days OCTANT
Nearly, nearly suffering disorder of internal organ RENAL
Nudity evens out autism twice after necessary adjustments? MUTATISMUTANDIS
Obstacle in path of form of speculation ROULETTE
Clues Answers
One old racist party piercing Labour's protective wrapping TINFOIL
Operatic heroine's number to finish up ARIADNE
Ordinary soldier to serve as commander in Biblical land GILEAD
Pick up birds raised to follow soldiers RESUME
Proceed unsteadily with introduction to dark stranger DODDER
Rake keeping back pound coin ROUBLE
Result of evacuation from warship evacuated and jacketed COWPAT
Revolutionary carrying round eagle's head, like a big cat LEONINE
Satirist's turned vehicle into gardening tool HORACE
Scotch queen protected from displaying facial hair WHISKERY
Shostakovich and Elgar sheltering one of their ilk HANDEL
Slope put on ice SHELVE
Took part, keeping pig in cupboard SIDEBOARD
Turmeric mostly spilled between food store and toilet as result of overconsumption DELIRIUMTREMENS