The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 25818 - June 20, 2014

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Clues Answers
Abroad, I'd no other alternative early opportunity (1,4,2,3,4) AFOOTINTHEDOOR
Attend exclusively British and original exhibition of real ales BEALLEARS
Aversion to industry opening hours SLOTH
Bags of time before alarm? Seconds TROUSERS
Briefly tolerated stifling parent guidance continually checking progress STOPGO
Catchpole? PERCH
Cry on discovering something axe split BINGO
Don't look to press when preparing newspaper article, say TOUCHTYPE
Get old shoemaker's mould: one impervious to cracks? AGELAST
Have fare home, and places to sit - but no room for case EATIN
Having no wish to get involved with rep OWNERSHIP
Hollow stone mound one's left with for probable Christian burial site PITCAIRNISLAND
Hourly you might hear this sound? Hardly! CUCKOO
I refuse to believe space traveller's clothing belonging to girl COMEOFFIT
Letter from Greek business graduate - one in the city MUMBAI
Clues Answers
Mass pretentious cardinal's done in Apostle style? MARTYRED
Men ignoring teacher's expression of disapproval TUT
Musician raising collar with a beam BANJOIST
Old territory turning over certain oil reserves IONIA
Pasture ploughed miles away from estuary? UPSTREAM
Place for poor little boy, timid creature, keeping quiet ALMSHOUSE
Receiving unknown male, new honorary member of Drones Club, typically? HOORAYHENRY
Rock band close to elegant fashion house THEWHO
Series of moving beams comes down the way LIGHTSHOW
Steel band appearing in short sequence from Thames Pageant? JUBILEECLIP
Stylish earthenware drinking vessel CLASSY
Unqualified leader dismissed by club UTTER
Voiced approval for Louis XIV, perhaps, and for King George I? ROYALWE
Watch one learned to listen to, giving the time long ago ICEAGE
With blank scoreline, hard to sound excited OOH