The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 25420 - March 12, 2013

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Clues Answers
... a large useless collection of pictures? ALBUM
A university don not available to take Italian examination AUDIT
After a day's work, a celebration drink AMONTILLADO
American singer with digs overlooking English theatre AMBASSADORS
Big blow: leading character's fired for acting badly HAMMY
Boat heads for these undiscovered backwaters TUB
Display with every one of companion's paintings ... WALLCHART
Formal pronouncement by cleric to church installing organ DELIVERANCE
Fruit-tree in part having deep purple and pink heads ROSEAPPLE
Hit no longer trendy sung with gusto BELTEDOUT
I suffer ultimately, bitten by snake at home: might this help? ASPIRIN
Line read aloud as prompt CUE
Maybe company's low turnover is partly on the rise TWO
Most curious, what Spaniards working afternoons have non-stop NOSIEST
Notice a fellow in the lead, likely to win? AHEAD
Our forces dispatched in number FOURSCORE
Clues Answers
Pressure among children to make rapid progress SPEED
Reduction in power has the unions reeling CUT
Refrain from eating initially unappetising American pastry DONUT
See what could initially go wrong WATCH
Singer in tea room on island capturing hearts CHAFFINCH
Sitting in streetcar, experience mounting confusion MARESNEST
Soldiers turn back on ruddy commander ORDERER
Strive to be charitable to the utmost GIVEONESALL
Tell story about a sheep in Wyoming city LARAMIE
To those at sea, trouble follows ... this? TORNADO
Underworld previously guarded by black monster CHARYBDIS
Unexpectedly enter pub, taking drink round back of lounge BARGEIN
What about stick as ruler? HEROD
What to say when one's off food and drink? "I'll have nothing" CHEERIO
With this, gent's strained TIGHTNESS
Yobbo, one grabbed by old rail commuter BRUISER