The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 25202 - June 29, 2012

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Clues Answers
Accompanying lovely wit WAG
Be in club BAT
Blocks of wood sound chilly PARQUET
Careless with make-up on Doc's colleague SLAPHAPPY
Clever chap catching spy in battle MAGENTA
Couple, sound as a bell, belting song PAIRING
European project that won't get off the ground EMU
Exasperated noise for one in football team with obstructed view UNSIGHTED
Finished, empty, upturned casks go spare DOONESNUT
Hauls some injured into hospital ALMSHOUSE
Having a yak, one's got off a donkey HINDLEG
Having mustang, no old horse, I need breathers BRONCHI
Husband, in brief, tucked into sandwich — a turning point WATERSHED
In Ireland, be awfully poor on it BREADLINE
Love being tedious, one runs away DEARY
Magic opener's endless defence to a half-length delivery ALIBABA
Clues Answers
Mother Brown, for nothing I fix up gallery opening MACHICOLATE
No way to stop sinful fraud IMPOSTURE
Not travel enough to get experience? UNDERGO
One's alarmingly depressed PANICBUTTON
Reform putting Asia in difficulties UPAGAINSTIT
Set up spectacles, including European opera RIGOLETTO
Soldier, botching tiny task, receives no medal TOMMYATKINS
Soporific composer? LULLY
Stared open-mouthed, given new leader played a trick JAPED
Time: present. Place: as indicated THERE
Traffic tailback broadcast — using this? AUTOCUE
Tribe's self-defence system finally failed? What a shame JUDAH
Turn black in mouth GOB
Wild animal that's about IRATE
Woman wants to change husband EDITH
Write for another grand anchorman? GHOST