The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 24857 - May 24, 2011

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Clues Answers
A land invaded by both sides? So be it ALLRIGHT
A large rodent overrunning quiet home for the needy ALMSHOUSE
African actor once touring American city KENYAN
Asian in poem always sheltering at the back EASTERNER
Brazilian state's period of existence and dimensions ACREAGE
Commander sacrificing son in heroic story AGA
Crop possibly lay about in crude shelter HAIRCUT
Excellent worker taking wine in sports club FANTASTIC
Finish off destructive insect, feeding it sodium TERMINATE
Fraud set up draw at end of present month DECEIT
Further employment of table displaying liqueur? CHARTREUSE
Gaffer's brilliant device for shielding pupils? SUPERVISOR
Hair dye all the rage among certain races TINT
Happen to arrive at old man's address in the end COMETOPASS
Indisposed widow, one replaced by upper-class busybody RELUCTANT
Clues Answers
Like subconscious slip in dispute about Republican fellow FREUDIAN
Most august visitor with money for university GRANDEST
Not all that he needs, a patroness of the arts! ATHENE
Numbers of Romans beginning to study citizenship CIVICS
Peer at residents' leaders in centre of Lakeland EARL
Protective screen? Henry leaves the workshop without one TESTUDO
Rank of City man with 50% of capital ECHELON
Remains of army team torn apart by United RESIDUE
Resort oglers aim to present as attractive GLAMORISE
Sort of drama a Mitford aristocrat rejected NOH
Spectacular misuse of core time METEORIC
Stole good books in this South American city BOGOTA
TV link showing pirate appearing for trial HOOKUP
Uneasy about girl serving wine CHARDONNAY
Union member runs into trouble BROTHER