The Times - Cryptic - Sunday Times Cryptic 4361 - December 27, 2009

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Clues Answers
A Rev (no heathen) organised divine bliss down here HEAVENONEARTH
Affair in which a maiden joining Open University gets tutor, finally AMOUR
Audibly scoff at meals TEAS
Big match excellent, with a fifty for Essex's opener FINAL
Chief earns pots as one granted a special concession FRANCHISEE
Consume a pork-pie thing after surprising event? EATONESHAT
English gentleman in court, almost completely poker-faced WOOSTER
Feeling great excitement? No, by implication! TURNEDON
Flowering plant that has yellow wood ORPINE
Forgetful of a maiden since breaking up AMNESIC
Hands back exchanged gift SWAP
Landing somewhere in Holland, as Spooner would have it? TOUCHDOWN
Little woman eager (not half) to get something in cracker JOKE
Mass-producer establishing poultry unit by railway crossing HENRYFORD
Clues Answers
May no travails disrupt those helping the homeless at Christmas! SALVATIONARMY
Moody attending party? You want some music RONDO
Not much of a turn? It gets an award at Edinburgh, maybe DEGREE
Odd, the newspaper boss we work for, it's said (in a gossipy way) RUMOURED
Plant that's a favourite, one picked by woman PETUNIA
Put down a little son on manger — the Lord finally seen ASCRIBED
Quiet nerds, fine when mixing — writers, rather than talkers? PENFRIENDS
Rattiest man so upset railway employee STATIONMASTER
Sailors — they matter to broadcasters RATINGS
Seat used by person of authority SOFA
Sold, like the party donkey (not for the first time!) RETAILED
Ten nattier men out to offer fun ENTERTAINMENT
The sort of woman who wants everything sewn up SEAMSTRESS
Turn away from football team after final change of direction SPURN