The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 24214 - May 1, 2009

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Clues Answers
A mite embarrassed, drops back with hesitation REDSPIDER
After paint-board is returned, drawings don't get mixed up TELLAPART
Assume opener and bowler create fair contest DONKEYDERBY
Behind time, left at the double at the end of the day AFTERALL
Cake to be overcooked perhaps when neglected by King BUN
Celebrity, most unexpectedly, needs a way in STARDOM
Claim made by procrastinator's admirers IDOLATERS
Coast fog swirling around departs, leaving floods, say ACTSOFGOD
Coat good on most figures? ANORAK
Cover for face when headmaster breaks jaw YASHMAK
Crime the last thing you find in cricket grounds TREASON
Disgraced? Ill-advised to conceal accent CEDILLA
Do corny cracks for London borough CROYDON
Grass from pitch lifted RAT
Grunts in blocking agreements OINKS
Clues Answers
Making parts of strap, perhaps, and shoving under a horse ANAGRAMMING
Novel is touching — and useless because without chapter REBECCA
Old golfer, no pro, eating to excess COTTON
One handling counter measures to block bid BARTENDER
Opposed to keeping answer for another time AGAIN
Plain clothes detective's heading into dingy Welsh town LLANDUDNO
Prime Minister with a right in Britain and in France that's exclusive UPMARKET
Punch made by couple? I'm what's carried in bowl to detective PANTOMIMEHORSE
Put out by hurried words to prophet KORAN
Reason for infanta's visit, that little bore! NUTTREE
Respect to be imparted, giving universal praise first of all BIGUP
Sounded thrilled to find first element in old dictionary OOHED
Tiny amount of US money in loans arranged without complication ONEDIMENSIONAL
Trace author for someone GHOST
Walk slowly up, greeting new member in school DOLPHIN