Universal - Jan 1 2007

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Clues Answers
''Asterisque,'' e.g. ETOILE
''Tosca'' or ''Turandot,'' e.g. PUCCINIOPERA
''Wait ___ the Sun Shines, Nellie'' TIL
1945 summit site YALTA
541, in old Rome DXLI
Acid in proteins AMINO
Actor Mineo SAL
Adenauer moniker ''Der ___'' ALTE
Alas partner ALACK
Apples you listen to IPODS
Babes in the woods NAIFS
Bali ___ HAI
Bamboo eater PANDA
Be clad in WEAR
Bellows-powered parlor player PUMPORGAN
Belt beeper PAGER
Big name in planes CESSNA
Cal. column TUE
Calvin Trillin piece, perhaps ESSAY
Choice words ORS
Clint's ''High Plains Drifter'' co-star VERNA
Coin flips TOSSES
Cubbyholes NICHES
Defoe castaway CRUSOE
Dome homes IGLOOS
Double helix material DNA
Drink noisily SLURP
Dugong cousin MANATEE
Dutch painter Jan STEEN
Expression of contempt PSHAW
Famous party-giver Perle MESTA
Frying aid, sometimes PEANUTOIL
Gibson garnish PICKLEDONION
God's gatekeeper STPETER
Goes along with ACCEPTS
Greek X CHI
Half a fish MAHI
Half a fly TSE
Clues Answers
HS subject HIST
Just right IDEAL
Kay who was married to Rex KENDALL
Language producing ''shampoo'' and ''pajamas'' HINDI
Life's work CAREER
Light lager PILSNER
Lode load ORE
Marketing ploy TIEIN
Martini garnish OLIVE
Mudville number NINE
Narrow valley GLEN
Number of Monty Pythoners SIX
One Solstice mo. DEC
Outfit anew RERIG
PC bailout key ESC
Pirate Captain KIDD
Pyle player NABORS
Recipe measure CUP
School org. PTA
Seize forcefully USURP
Senate complement IOO
Sharp cheese, perhaps CHEDDAR
Simile middle ASA
Slangy assent YUP
Slithery sea creature EEL
Some reed instruments BAGPIPES
State SAY
Sticky stationery POSTIT
Storybook meanie OGRE
Surrounded by AMID
Taxing month APRIL
Toast serving SLICE
Tote LUG
Tough trip-takers TREKKERS
Trucial states, today (Abbr.) UAE
Useful UTILE
Wave rider SURFER
___ Maria liqueur TIA