L.A. Times Sunday - Dec 31 2006

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Clues Answers
"--- company..." TWOS
"Chicago" star Richard GERE
"Commander in Chief" portrayer Davis GEENA
"Grand Canyon Suite" composer GROFE
"Meet John Doe" director CAPRA
"Meet the Press," e.g. TALKSHOW
"The Trial" author KAFKA
'04 "The Manchurian Candidate" director DEMME
--- good example SETSA
1970s running phenom Frank SHORTER
Aachen article DER
Additional MORE
Agnes Moorehead's "Bewitched" role ENDORA
Air filter type HEPA
Alabama city's low rating? MONTGOMERYD
Amanda of "Married... with Children" BEARSE
Architect Saarinen EERO
Artistic one CREATOR
At capacity FULL
Audio effects ECHOES
Bedouin's mount CAMEL
Before, quaintly ERE
Belgian songwriter Jacques BREL
Biblical directive word SHALT
Big East college --- Hall SETON
Blusterings of the busted? ARRESTRANTS
Botched a catch ERRED
Bummer DRAG
Canadian peninsula GASPE
Canine spell-down? BEEOFTHEDOG
Carmaker's parade? FORDMARCH
Cause of a slow track MUD
Charity fundraisers DRIVES
Chosen number? FEW
Clip alternative STAPLE
Dished out dinner SERVED
Doughboys' rations? TRENCHFARE
Draft pick ALE
Education basics, briefly RRR
Emmy-winning Christine LAHTI
Escort's offering ARM
Eyesore or eye sore STY
Fee to get free BAIL
Fishy "Blithe Spirit" playwright? SIRNOELCOD
Fountain favorite SUNDAE
Fr., Ger., Port., etc. EUR
Frightful HORRID
Get an eye for an eye AVENGE
Got frayed WORE
Guy's date GAL
Harbor protector JETTY
Have hands-on experience? FEEL
He sometimes doesn't love Lucy LINUS
Head lock TRESS
Hebrew archangel URIEL
Home of many marathon winners KENYA
House leader SPEAKER
Ignited LIT
In this env. ENC
In years past ONCE
Incubator noise PEEP
Inhuman BRUTAL
ioneer computer ENIAC
Is inclined TILTS
Is multiplied? ARE
It helps make you you GENE
Jazz vocalist Diana KRALL
Keats specialty ODE
Kentucky liberal arts college BEREA
Clues Answers
Kind of license or justice POETIC
Lab vessel BEAKER
Lapidary display GEMS
Large PC key ENTER
Library booths CARRELS
Like Frost's "Road Not Taken" UNTROD
Like some gossip JUICY
Like the lads from Liverpool FAB
Lindsay's "Bionic Woman" role JAIME
Lucy's landlady ETHEL
Made a profit NETTED
Makes a stink REEKS
Malthus' subj. ECON
Mandibles JAWBONES
Manhattan Project leader? NUCLEARHEAD
Marilyn of "The Misfits" MONROE
Massage sound AAH
Mercury, for one METAL
Midwest hoopsters PACERS
Missing the mark OFF
Most of North Africa SAHARA
Mythical ship ARGO
Name on a compact ESTEE
OCS grads LTS
Off-kilter ASKEW
Old sewing machine part TREADLE
One of three babies TRIPLET
Oscar promo? ACADEMYAD
Ott in the Hall MEL
Paleo's opposite NEO
Pinot noir proposed? REDOFFERED
Puts on a border EDGES
Puzzling problem TEASER
Radio knobs TUNERS
Relative of Remus? BRER
Rhino relative TAPIR
Ring-toss target PEG
Rolling stones' lack MOSS
Russian carriages TROIKAS
Seek damages SUE
Semi-comas? TRANCES
She has one, but he doesn't ESS
Silas Marner's ward EPPIE
Small songbirds WRENS
Snail --- DARTER
Sticky-note brand POSTIT
Stop and go, e.g. VERBS
Strongbox item DEED
Struck dumb AWED
Stuff in a trunk? WOOD
Style, French style TON
Tear asunder REND
The munchies, e.g. URGE
Tireless transport SLED
Tongue twister: "Rubber baby buggy ---" BUMPERS
Toured Chopin's country? SAWPOLAND
Trail the pack LAG
Turnpike tariff TOLL
Unattractive masses BLOBS
Uninteresting DRY
Web-footed carnivore OTTER
Wharton's Ethan FROME
What Hester Prynne wore ANA
Where inmates watch TV? PRISONDEN
Willie of "Eight Is Enough" AAMES
Wino's woe DTS
Worldwide dynasty? GLOBALMING