The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 800 - February 14, 2009

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Clues Answers
A man's overwhelming fear of a European state HISPANIC
Abandoned players of note CASTOFF
Additional work performed before sergeant enters? ENCORE
Alter attitude, like a composer of variations? CHANGEONESTUNE
Ancient Jew is reportedly dejected, you understand SADDUCEE
Broke a hole in cooker STOVE
Brood over note in Caribbean republic INCUBATE
Cat giving creatures like Slow-and-Solid gyp! TORTOISESHELL
Character doing my job, working as compositor TYPESETTING
Cleaner with a prohibition order caught coach CHARABANC
Clothes and bedding awaiting delivery? LAYETTE
Conspicuous way to protect a right SALIENT
Contemplation of the cars involved in trial HEARTSEARCHING
Dance regularly used at end of engagement GIGUE
Description of flock with Italian boy at island lake? CONGREGATIONAL
Dishonourable toff in island with broken leg IGNOBLE
Distracted senators met closest to where the sun rises EASTERNMOST
Engage in sport and risk a wet trip WATERSKI
Former pupil entering race — he's a hater of some Europeans GALLOPHOBE
Frisky bay shares home in Sussex resort SHOREHAMBYSEA
Future perfect? Could be stressful TENSE
Gaelic harp recollected round island group ARCHIPELAGO
Geordie mother curtailed youngster's dance MAMBO
Gertrude's large earthenware mug STEIN
Get lost? A certain type of athlete might TAKEARUNNINGJUMP
Girl, on leaving, adopts a false name ALIAS
Horrify an epistoler, say APPAL
Houdini's act? It was great for Steve McQueen ESCAPE
Impossible to retrieve story that's about bishop as leader IRREPARABLE
In can, after flap over gang leader BATTING
In crime, sons go crazy, raking this in untaxed? GROSSINCOME
Clues Answers
Information staff are given about outdated plant GOLDENROD
Instrument once used to fire on capsized vessel? SACKBUT
It should stop worker going on main line SEALANT
Judge's decree, one delayed by an inhabitant of Amman? JORDANIAN
Late opuses regularly absorbing Italian composer, briefly OVERDUE
Like disheartened soldiers in recent return of fire, say ELEMENTAL
Mainly to satisfy the doctor, begin to restrict pressure FORTHEMOSTPART
Mayor upset food over head of one-time boss BURGOMASTER
More than usually wide, perhaps EXTRA
National routine backed by king TURK
Necessarily including soldier in operation PERFORMANCE
Old university's variable old drink OUZO
Once surpassed openings of operas, using short score OUTWENT
Passes admitting unmarried officers COLONELS
Pious artist almost captures heart of landlady GODLY
Possibly wife and son beginning to picnic by river SPOUSE
Relative standing before Moses in painting GRANDMA
Scheming, but busy with retired lecturer limiting sentimentality UPTONOGOOD
Short of staff, a French editor engages rising leftist writer UNDERMANNED
Silver found in quiet street in French capital? PRAGUE
Spanish nobleman's elderly relative standing by river GRANDEE
Speak bluntly, correctly identifying one of the pack (4,1,5,1,5) CALLASPADEASPADE
State spies seizing article buried in rubbish CROATIA
Transparent film found in a church gallery ACETATE
Ultimate tribute about astronaut's fourth circuit ORBIT
Unchanging, like more than half of Istanbul once CONSTANT
Unlicensed liquor store woman visited SHEBEEN
Unusually large Eastern feast REGALE
Very upset about bolted crossbeam TRANSOM
Where aircraft may be no good in sea-mist HANGAR
Wizard out West circumventing current plumbing problem AIRLOCK