L.A. Times Daily - Nov 29 2006

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Clues Answers
"If only __ known" IHAD
"The Simpsons" bartender MOE
1953 Leslie Caron role LILI
Actress Skye IONE
Battery types AAS
Bear feet PAWS
Blackmore heroine DOONE
Bona fide REAL
Break off completely SEVER
Brightness measurements, for short IQS
Buddhist discipline ZEN
Cher, at one time BONO
Chewy confection FUDGEBROWNIE
Courtroom revelation LIE
Cry from a crow's nest CAW
Cuban boy in a publicized 2000 custody battle ELIAN
Dost speak SAYST
Dozes off NODS
Elusive guy in a striped shirt WALDO
Expensive seating BOX
Fervency ZEAL
Flu symptoms ACHES
Forces out OUSTS
Fraternal organization ELKS
Greek portico STOA
Highlanders' adornments PLAIDS
Hindu mystics YOGIS
Hooked on INTO
It can be a perfect number TEN
It can follow the last word of 20-, 27-, 43- and 53-Across POINT
Like a family-friendly film RATEDG
Like mountain roads SINUOUS
Make corrections to, as text EMEND
Mame portrayer, 1974 LUCILLEBALL
Clues Answers
Maynard's friend DOBIE
Meat avoider VEGAN
Megastar IDOL
Mike, Robbie or Chip, in '60s TV SON
Morales of "NYPD Blue" ESAI
Near-miss utterance PHEW
Nettle VEX
Novelist Ambler ERIC
Olds model ALERO
Open, in a way UNBAR
Outlay COST
Paine product TRACT
Palindromic constellation ARA
Panache ELAN
PC key ESC
Piece of lumber PLANK
Plunder RAID
Polish Peace Nobelist WALESA
Pot starter ANTE
Remote button VOL
Robert Conrad series, with "The" WILDWILDWEST
Run off together ELOPE
Seattle tourist attraction SPACENEEDLE
Sec'y, often STENO
Some future flowers ROSEBUDS
Sound of relief AAH
South-of-the-border spreads HACIENDAS
Stephen of "The Crying Game" REA
Strong-ox link ASAN
Sudden, overwhelming quantity AVALANCHE
Temple leader RABBI
They're abuzz with activity HIVES
Turkey toucher IRAQ
Turned down PASSEDUP
Where to find abs, delts, etc. BOD
Wide awake ALERT
With it HIP
Zoning unit ACRE