The Times - Concise - Times2 Jumbo 202 - February 3, 2007

Clues Answers
(Act of) running away to marry ELOPEMENT
(French) white wine VINBLANC
(Of a business) fail GOTOTHEWALL
- Beckett, Irish novelist/dramatist SAMUEL
Additional period of play EXTRATIME
American songbird MOCKINGBIRD
Armoured vehicle TANK
Bride's clothes, linen, etc TROUSSEAU
Bright songbird ORIOLE
Capital of South Australia ADELAIDE
Causing difficulty TROUBLESOME
City of western Spain SALAMANCA
Coffee with milk and crushed ice FRAPPUCCINO
College of Arms head EARLMARSHAL
Confine CAGE
Cut up finely SHREDDED
Damage (a reputation) BESMIRCH
Deep long-lasting sadness MELANCHOLIA
Device dispensing water DRINKINGFOUNTAIN
English Civil War battle MARSTONMOOR
Female descendant DAUGHTER
Filled pastry ball PROFITEROLE
Garden frame for climbers PERGOLA
Give public approval of (something) ENDORSE
Governed badly MISRULED
Great amusement HILARITY
Growth thought lucky FOURLEAVEDCLOVER
Illustration EXAMPLE
Clues Answers
Important church area ARCHDIOCESE
Internal organs VISCERA
Items for discussion AGENDA
Large, plump ROTUND
Male admirer; dandy BEAU
March on the spot MARKTIME
Measurer of distance travelled in car ODOMETER
Mythological man-bull MINOTAUR
Native of northern Scandinavia LAPP
Not moving IMMOBILE
One on the move TRAVELLER
Opportunity CHANCE
Paint burner BLOWTORCH
Portent OMEN
Regulated from a distance REMOTECONTROLLED
Scheme PLAN
Seasoned smoked beef PASTRAMI
Shifting colour OPALESCENCE
Signal increasing circuit PREAMP
Small thrown bomb HANDGRENADE
Soldier called up when needed RESERVIST
Spoken, oral VERBAL
Standards for judgement CRITERIA
Sticky strip TAPE
Sugar/butter sweet TOFFEE
Type of punch UPPERCUT
Very old AGED
Vindictive VENGEFUL
Woodland lichen; Somerset (anag.) TREEMOSS
Yachting race series ADMIRALSCUP