The Times - Cryptic - Bank Holiday Jumbo 643 - May 29, 2006

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Clues Answers
A thing for lifting KLEPTOMANIA
A vessel containing basic food, mostly fruit APRICOT
African capital a degree into desert RABAT
Alien abducting Labour leader cut off supply of air STRANGLE
Are autumn leaves exhausted? READYTODROP
Author places topless composer in embrace of flirt TOLSTOY
Be careful, and draw round message at bottom of page TIPTOE
Being inferior, he's two-dimensional MICKEYMOUSE
Block an offensive, having obliterated base ANVIL
Celt ultimately a wee bullish? TAURINE
Criminally help to conceal American, shortly being suspended ABEYANT
Delicate creature tethered, powerless always ROEDEER
Did he have a brush with the law? CONSTABLE
Dish to partake of getting endless pork inside me? MEATPIE
Doctor enters instrument close to venule, finding insulin perhaps HORMONE
Drop round to college OMIT
Drug habit in sport SPEEDWAY
Each teacher drops each apple EATER
Example of jazz's sharp manoeuvring, nothing fadin' down RHAPSODYINBLUE
Figure you should be about right THREE
Fine jump CLEAR
Girl stands for blessing ASSET
Given my chaser, a couple of drinks on the cards GINRUMMY
Given poisonous substance, doctor ups medication, say POTASSIUMCYANIDE
Goalless draw involving opposing sides and US city ORLANDO
Government department has little way to oversee transport network MINISTRY
Is libertine this delicate? (2,4,2,1,4) ASTHINASARAKE
Large vessel passing through Nigeria or Tanzania AORTA
Make up joke about criminal case of note PUTONESFACEON
Muslim official elected for a second term? AGAIN
Nameless villain, The Joker? GAGSTER
Clues Answers
No good to categorise ridiculously specialist stuff ESOTERICA
No return of nonsense, yet I fancy acquiring bad reputation NOTORIETY
Official area with councillors in support of state? No thanks STEWARD
One delivering sermon interpreting each prayer by length LAYPREACHER
Paint left a shining trace PORTRAY
Pass one inside the key, work being stuck COLLAGE
Politician in power gets bogged down? SWAMPY
Pulling power - find it in sauce GRAVITY
Regular English writer of old, about at the time EQUILATERAL
Regular spectacle overhead - second in over a month, surprisingly HARVESTMOON
River evaporating from hot current TOPICAL
Saw something negative in slump SAYING
Show of appreciation when a play half complete, during interval APPLAUSE
Six-footer heading off frog in outskirts of Toulouse TERMITE
Squamata, for this harmless American - a great honour ORDEROFTHEGARTER
Take soft drug, such as this? DOPE
Tautologous toleration of youthful exuberance BOYSWILLBEBOYS
Teach logistics to translate language SCOTTISHGAELIC
Tell to continue drilling for element needed for steel BORON
Terrifying sloppy thing, one found in bog NIGHTMARISH
That is what the cooking needed: intense temperature WHITEHEAT
Third person singular part of verb US hijacks, which proves prickly GOOSEBERRYBUSH
To appear smarter than you, leader ignored the fool OUTWIT
Tourist traps mark me in alien environment EMMET
Uncouth type's shocking exclamation in bar BABOON
Virtually change state with implement in case? PENCIL
Wearing a short tie in black - can't get enough of it INSATIABLE
Wellington could be ostentatious MAKEASPLASH
Woman running a household has to talk with girl CHATELAINE
Words of justice? SENTENCE
Youngster in form always getting through obstruction LEVERET