The Times - Cryptic - Times Saturday 22223 - December 14, 2002

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Clues Answers
A gas alien concocted for the relief of pain ANALGESIA
About to take a draught and go like a train CHUFF
Aged widow has no time for memento RELIC
As hero of book, outlaw's on a different course ROBINSONCRUSOE
Cleaner takes crooner from bush to bush SCRUBBINGBRUSH
Club members and I join Queen, a visitor to Ascot? RACEGOER
Copy this chap? Mad - he's certifiable PSYCHOPATHIC
Delivers material to auditor FREES
Economic migrant almost cut into cloth off-centre TAXEXILE
Extent of power of non-English panels over choice of words JURISDICTION
Head off for south London district to support Palace ALHAMBRA
I am coming back about one, to decline drink IMBIBE
In truth, girl's gone to town in a big way VERACITY
It's advisable not to start on unknown drug made of alumino-silicate ZEOLITIC
Clues Answers
Joining up - but I abandoned the military life SOLDERING
Light weight cat OUNCE
Make quick note Jack's in a bit of Highland dress JABOT
Queen carried by luxury car, a flyer GANNET
Relax - except in saloon LOUNGEBAR
Row head's heard SCULL
Ruth left scene of confusion BABEL
Same as boarding train EQUAL
six - nil - Nothing's come up to indicate a fiddle VIOLIN
Take turns doing two sports BOXANDCOX
Ted's caught up in Brixton rioting - an explosive situation TINDERBOX
Triumphant former soldier seen around last month EXULTANT
Volume, old book QUARTO
We're toast, after crashing car TWOSEATER