The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 398 - April 6, 2002

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Clues Answers
A lazy-sounding chap is outside, coming from foreign shores MALAYSIAN
A pro wearing long garment PINAFORE
A quick trip round harbour, at first, on sailing vessel that's lacking power TOOTHLESS
After a struggle, one masters a dangerous creature in the main SEAMONSTER
Artist finally abandons group of musicians in the German town DORCHESTER
As a P.E. instructor, one might put one's foot in it TRAINER
Avoided game ticket-seller talked about DUCKEDOUT
Being a critic, and beginning to enjoy the job TAKINGTOTASK
Boat's leader goes off, making mysterious utterances ORACLES
Building blocks, with surface scraped off, in heaps RICKS
Caused fight, having nabbed thug with twirling stick BROUGHTABOUT
Clergyman's address girl removed from front of phone book RECTORY
Cut out sight-seeing principally during brief excursion in Danish capital EXSCIND
Dance ceases, so I go off ECOSSAISE
Dishonest person dealing in clarets LARCENIST
Divorcée with heartless attitude making appearance in public EXPOSURE
Dog's home on New Jersey island BASENJI
Drink, having swallowed hot beef? WHINE
Drunk objected to having strict moral principles HIGHMINDED
Duke entering southern port troubles lackeys POODLEDOGS
Engineer appearing to be a lunatic LOCOMAN
European craze in French town, not English ROUMANIAN
Feature on hat and uniform cloak CAPUCHIN
Fed up, one got in terrible state - one expecting to fail DEFEATIST
Fellow showing courage, swallowing port with eastern fruit MANDARINORANGE
Fireplace manufactured in Elgin INGLE
Flashy revolver produced in journalists' social event? MIRRORBALL
Fowl one's seen to capture on highway, so to speak, blushing RHODEISLANDRED
Gamble with it, securing ten in the middle BETWIXT
Girl is not entirely repellent ELLEN
Gladly announced supporting small local political party SINNFEIN
Head off plans to adopt new standards ENSIGNS
Hold detonating mechanism on gun, perhaps ARMLOCK
Insect said to infest hair, over time PHYLLOXERA
It's about showing esteem RESPECTING
Journalist who knows the score? SPORTSWRITER
Lawn cut just where Wordsworth dwelt GRASMERE
Marine alga dislodged in dire gales SEAGIRDLE
Clues Answers
Nemo, perhaps, is title of section SUBHEAD
Notes Roman Catholic measure to reveal a source of electricity SOLARCELL
Office worker's ecstasy in peaceful valley TEMPE
One getting close to home, showing determination INEARNEST
Perhaps finds a wife for farmer, if so desperate MARRIESOFF
Person advertising a dentist's instrument? PLUGGER
Plant - when it's blown, show disapproval RASPBERRY
Prisoner holds back the truth in centre of communications INTERNETCAFE
Proverbial warning to those impatient to raise capital? (4,3,3,5,2,1,3) ROMEWASNOTBUILTINADAY
Punishing effect of sun's rays? TANNING
Royal fashion on display in university PRINCETON
Sad vocal performed in area near Caen CALVADOS
See one of the hands go ashore in part of Australia BANANALAND
Self-immolation? Must see it in action SUTTEEISM
Severe rebuff, curious one NOSER
Snack turned out to be a big treat, with bit of alcohol being consumed (4,1,4,2,3) GRABABITETOEAT
Soon one's to enter church with daughter getting treated like a saint? CANONISED
South American measure to protect copper and a woman ECUADORAN
South coast town councillor turns up with a large number for cross-channel transport? HOVERCRAFT
Stars returning greeting with love DRACO
State of confusion in a foreign port MESSINA
Sudden appearance of military engineers circulating information to civil engineer EMERGENCE
Support for a hangman? SUSPENDER
Supporter of Cromwell developed mostly violent air OLIVERIAN
Swarming bees can be off with it ABSENCE
Team of writers, care of The Thunderer in Australia COAUTHORS
To play original role, enter at street level (3,2,2,3,6,5) GETINONTHEGROUNDFLOOR
Tree with nuts on, found in outskirts of Rochdale MADRONE
Twosome building castles in Spain? BUCKETANDSPADE
United Nations agreement reportedly no longer in the bag? UNPACKED
US city invested in Oklahoma habitually OMAHA
US state employee in a company supplying woollen fabric CALAMANCO
Winning this cross-country competition is always a strain EUROVISIONSONGCONTEST
With time, relaxes stated restriction on pay WAGEFREEZE
Without doubt, it involves getting stuffed with food, principally SURFEIT
Writer has name written in religious shelter, it's said HANSCHRISTIANANDERSEN
Wrongdoer, say - one caught behind counter, bright-red CINNABARIC
You should be wearing socks in part of the nursery HOTHOUSE