Universal - Nov 9 2005

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Clues Answers
''... to thine own ___ be true'' SELF
''For Me and My ___'' GAL
''Muy ___'' BIEN
''Unfortunately ...'' ALAS
Almost worthless French coin SOU
Aromatic herb DILL
Barnum's exit EGRESS
Bird sanctuary? NEST
Bring together UNITE
British standard measurement METRE
Capone and Green ALS
Carrier to Tel Aviv ELAL
Cinches or clinches ICES
Clemson and others UNIVERSITIES
Crush the spirit OPPRESS
Delete ERASE
Direction in a Steinbeck title EAST
Drive forward IMPEL
Elevator innovator OTIS
Eye part IRIS
Father-in-law of Jacob LABAN
Feed the pot ANTE
First name among ''The Beverly Hillbillies'' cast IRENE
First name in legendary sleepers RIP
Fissures GAPS
Fruit-flavored frozen beverage FRAPPE
Generally ASARULE
Good amount of money PILE
Homer's first letter ALPHA
Instrument for a Marx HARP
Inuit domicile IGLOO
Kind of frog TREE
Lisper's hurdles ESSES
Meat-inspecting org. USDA
Mechanical learning method ROTE
Movie musical based on a Colette novel GIGI
Neighborhood AREA
Clues Answers
Novel necessity PLOT
One of a Columbian trio PINTA
Opposite of flunked ACED
Optician's creation LENS
Organ part STOP
Organizations with Greek letters FRATERNITIES
Plastic-wrap brand SARAN
Prairie schooner WAGON
Prefix with angle or state TRI
Provides with food CATERS
Provoke RILE
Quaintly attractive CUTE
Queasiness NAUSEA
Regulations against liquor sales, etc. BLUELAWS
Rubik, the cube inventor ERNO
Sagacious WISE
Scrub, NASA-style ABORT
Shaking, saber-style RATTLING
Shaving-cream additive, perhaps ALOE
Shot glass JIGGER
Sidelong glance LEER
Singles ONES
Stadium levels TIERS
Tooth partner NAIL
Trace of smoke WISP
Transporting costs PORTAGES
Trim limbs PRUNE
Tropical cuckoos ANIS
Troubles ILLS
Tu-144 and Concorde SSTS
Type of bar SALAD
Water source RILL
What good Monopoly players possess PROPERTIES
What waiters may wait for GRATUITIES
Word in a famous soliloquy NOT
Word with film or music FESTIVAL
You may work or play in them JEANS