Universal - Sep 4 2014

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Clues Answers
"Get ___ of yourself!" AHOLD
"Hop" or "sing" ending ALONG
"The ___ the limit!" SKYS
A Cockney will often drop one AITCH
And others, for short ETAL
Author Rand AYN
Average grade CEE
Barley bristle AWN
Camping grp BSA
Certain Major Leaguer (Abbr.) NYMET
Church feature APSE
Cry to a bullfighter OLE
Daisy look-alike ASTER
Demolish, to a Brit RASE
Diva Baker ANITA
Draw a conclusion INFER
Entr'___ ACTE
Expression of sorrow ALAS
Football-field conferences HUDDLES
Forest ruminant DEER
Give the go-ahead OKAY
How some stocks are sold (Abbr.) OTC
Hula hoop? LEI
Hunchback of film horror IGOR
Indoor courtyards ATRIA
It's found in a lode ORE
Joyous, in poetry AGLEE
Land in the ocean ISLE
Large public show EXPO
Legendary pitcher Ryan NOLAN
Like Georgia Brown SWEET
Like newly pressed pants CREASED
Lofty works ODES
Medical pictures XRAYS
Mine entrance ADIT
Monday-football times NIGHTS
Natural effortlessness EASE
Neighbor of St. Petersburg TAMPA
Oil well firefighter Red ADAIR
Clues Answers
Ones in the fast lane? PASSERS
Party poopers KILLJOYS
Pear and apple, e.g TREES
Phrase in legalese ASTO
Piniella or Rawls LOU
Pitchers' illegal moves BALKS
Prefix for "way" or "wife" MID
Private instructor TUTOR
Relaxing resort SPA
Ring officials REFS
River that flows to the Caspian Sea URAL
Salad ingredient, sometimes CRESS
Shooters' org NRA
Singer's syllables LALA
Skating figure EIGHT
Small hotel INN
Small-minded PETTY
Soccer is football there EUROPE
Song of lament ELEGY
Soothing salves BALMS
Sooty residues ASHES
Spring purchases SEEDS
Started the Model T CRANKED
Still and all YET
Stirs up trouble AGITATES
Suffix meaning "stone" LITH
Tahiti sweetie AMIE
Tiger's org PGA
Tillis or Torme MEL
Titular film pig BABE
Tool for a certain shark BILLIARDCUE
Tool that's a wicker basket JAIALAICESTA
Tool used for good, strong slaps HOCKEYSTICK
Tool used for those who serve TENNISRACKET
Use acid to cut ETCH
Veiled oath? IDO
Willows used in basketry OSIERS
___ Lanka SRI