New York Times - Jun 23 2014

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Clues Answers
'Gone With the Wind' plantation TARA
'Guess ___!' WHO
'Nothing ___ sleeve' UPMY
'Yes, there ___ God!' ISA
'___ wanna take this outside?' YOU
25-Down offspring KID
Affectedly cultured ARTY
All over again ANEW
And so on: Abbr ETC
Animal that butts GOAT
Architectural style named after a British royal family TUDOR
Art ___ (1920s-'30s architectural style) DECO
Baden-Baden, for one SPA
Baseball's ___ Griffey Jr KEN
Blog entry POST
Cairo native EGYPTIAN
Circus act above a net FLYINGTRAPEZE
College concentration MAJOR
Craze FAD
Ctrl-___-Delete ALT
Day: Sp DIA
Do a chore with a pet WALKTHEDOG
Dubai ruler EMIR
Editorial slant BIAS
English racetrack site EPSOM
Envelope part FLAP
Flub ERR
Get under the skin of IRK
Gorilla, e.g APE
Green-lighted, as a project OKD
Hat with a tassel FEZ
It has lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) ZOO
Italian goodbye CIAO
Joint sometimes twisted when running ANKLE
Katmandu's nation NEPAL
Ladies' service org. since the 1850s YWCA
London bathroom LOO
Maine town bordering Bangor ORONO
Clues Answers
Make a decision OPT
Matey's yes AYE
MTV competitive reality show featuring children of pop stars ROCKTHECRADLE
Musician Frank with the Mothers of Invention ZAPPA
Neutral color ECRU
Newborn horses FOALS
Not even ODD
O'Neill's 'Desire Under the ___' ELMS
Paris's Musée d'___ ORSAY
Pas' mates MAS
Perhaps MAYBE
Plummet DROP
Real corkers LULUS
Rival of Peter Pan or Skippy JIF
Ruler unit INCH
Senseless state COMA
The 'A' of 9-Across: Abbr ASSN
The fourth (but not the first) letter of 'cancel' SOFTC
The year 1501 MDI
Things hidden in treasure hunts CLUES
Thrill ELATE
Train that makes all stops LOCAL
Unflinching in the face of pain, say STOIC
Van Susteren of Fox News GRETA
Weight-loss programs DIETS
West who wrote 'Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It' MAE
What 5-, 7-, 10- and 15-Down all are YOYOTRICKS
What a card player is dealt HAND
What some bands and just-published authors do TOUR
What three strikes make OUT
When most movies open: Abbr FRI
Where Phileas Fogg traveled 'in 80 days' AROUNDTHEWORLD
Winning ONTOP
___ acid (building block of biology) AMINO
___ G (Sacha Baron Cohen persona) ALI
___, amas, amat AMO