New York Times - Jun 22 2014

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Clues Answers
'Così Fan ___' TUTTE
'Dies ___' IRAE
'Foreign Affairs' author Alison LURIE
'Honest!' CSWEAR
'House of Frankenstein' director ___ C. Kenton ERLE
'Keep your ___ the prize!' EYEON
'Things are not looking good' ITSBAD
'___ has no age': Picasso YOUTH
'___ man walks into a bar ...' SOA
2014, for Doublemint gum CENTENNIAL
Abbr. in many an officer's title RET
Actor McKellen CAN
Actress who co-starred in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' TOMEC
Agatha Christie mystery setting THENILE
Agent's cut PERCENTAGE
Articles in a paper WRCTEUPS
Blabs, say LEAKS
Blood-typing letters ABO
Bright stars NOVAS
Broadway singer Linda EDER
Bugs that technically are misnamed CENTIPEDES
Burn up ENRAGE
Butler of book or film RHETT
Car ad fig MPG
Certain co. plans HMOS
Chess champ Mikhail TAL
Chowderhead IDIOT
Churning, as the stomach UPSET
Country whose name is an anagram of another country's capital MALI
Craving JONES
Craving NEED
Crawler on an M. C. Escher Möbius strip ANT
Cries (for) ASKS
Dangerous part of an alligator TACL
Dangerous units RADS
Defendant's cry IMINNOCENT
Doctor's orders TESTS
Draw (from) DERIVE
Emit, as a big sigh HEAVE
Entree item with crimped edges RAVIOLI
Extra wager SIDEBET
Fast crowd JETSET
Film legend Negri POLA
Flaxseed or quinoa, e.g HEALTHFOOD
Floored INAWE
Formal reply to 'Who's there?' ITISI
Former political divs SSRS
Fruit with a flat pit MANGO
Funny Fey TINA
Game in a forest ELK
German direction OST
Goonlike APISH
Hair extension WEAVE
Half-baked, maybe NOTDONE
Happy refrain TRALA
Harvests REAPS
Hersey's 'A Bell for ___' ADANO
Hillary Clinton's domain, once: Abbr STATEDEPT
Informant FINK
It may be a credit to you SEMINAR
Keep an ___ the street EARTO
Kind of fixation ORAL
Kitchenette cooker HOTPLATE
Letter-shaped opening in a machine shop TSLOT
Like mother-of-pearl IRIDESCENT
Like some patches CRONON
Make bigger: Abbr ENL
Clues Answers
Mature RIPEN
Message with an emoji, maybe TEXT
Mexican president of the early 2000s VICENTEFOX
Middle-of-the-road CENTRIST
Mobile-to-Birmingham dir NNE
More profound DEEPER
Mountains have developed over them EONS
Moving ice FLOE
Muscle builders HEMEN
Mythological subject of a Michelangelo painting LEDA
N.B.A. coach Jackson and others STUS
Nervously excited ATWITTER
Nonalcoholic brew TEA
Not going away LINGERING
Not lifting a finger IDLE
Not playing with a full deck DAFT
Of Peter O'Toole's eight Oscar nominations, how many he won NONE
One for the books ENTRY
One who's taking inventory? STEALER
One with home protection? SNAIL
Opus ___ DEI
Pan Am rival TWA
Part of i.o.u IOWE
Partisan leader? NON
Percocet, for one PACNPCLL
Podiatrist's concern TARSI
Pot collection ANTES
Pounds' sounds ARFS
Prepares to be shot POSES
Reagan attorney general MEESE
Right hand ACDE
River that drains the western Pyrenees EBRO
Samples TASTES
Sand, maybe SMOOTHEN
Scruffs NAPES
Several days ago, say RECENTPAST
Shampoo instruction REPEAT
Snookered DUPED
Some freight cargo ORE
Something square to eat? DECENTMEAL
Soul: Fr AME
Southern university whose newspaper is the Hullabaloo TULANE
Starts SHIES
Sticky stuff GOOP
Suffix with ethyl ENE
Summer hair product LIGHTENER
Summer weather stat THI
System of beliefs ISM
T-shirt size: Abbr MED
Theater award OBIE
Times table? MASTHEAD
Took for booking RANIN
Total value of the symbols created by the special crossings in this puzzle TENCENTS
Town on the south shore of Long Island CSLIP
Triangle part LEG
Two by two INPAIRS
Tyler Perry, to Katy Perry, e.g NORELATION
Untroubled SERENE
Venomous snake ADDER
Wee, informally ITSY
When repeated, White Rabbit's cry IMLATE
Where many tickets are distributed SPEEDTRAP
White-crested ducks SMEWS
Whoop-de-do STIR
Year in Madrid ANO
Youngest-ever French Open winner, 1990 SELES
___ souci (carefree) SANS
___-pitch SLO