New York Times - Aug 6 1998

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Clues Answers
'Cocoon' co-star AMECHE
'Daisy Miller' author JAMES
'Follow me!' CMON
'John Brown's Body' poet BENET
'M' star LORRE
'Silas Marner' girl EPPIE
'The Voyage of the Beagle' writer DARWIN
1960's Air Force Chief of Staff LEMAY
A & W alternative DADS
Art Ross Trophy org. NHL
Atelier accessories PALETTES
Bandy words SPAR
Betting event TROT
Chip giant INTEL
Classical colonnade STOA
Colt coddler MARE
Corroded EATEN
Cuatro doubled OCHO
Dimwit SIMP
Disarray MUSS
Election losers OUTS
Enterprise officer, informally SCOTTY
Eventually ONEDAY
Exclamations of disdain POOHS
Fearful future DOOM
Field AREA
Fine things ARTS
Fry a little SAUTE
Grimm beginning ONCE
Haydn's sobriquet PAPA
Infatuated with SOFTON
It may come in cords FIREWOOD
It was first climbed in 1913 MTMCKINLEY
Justice Ruth ___ Ginsburg BADER
Clues Answers
L.A. hours PST
La lead-in TRA
Like prisoners on gallows NOOSED
Nebraska City's county OTOE
New Jersey town on Manasquan Inlet PTPLEASANT
New York Shakespeare Festival founder PAPP
New York's ___ Island CONEY
Playing with a full deck SANE
Poet/critic John CIARDI
Pop singer Hall and others DARYLS
Produces SIRES
Punishes, in a way SPANKS.
Put right MEND
Roadies' loads AMPS
Rocker Joan JETT
Sculptures BUSTS
Sequester SETAPART
Singer Lopez TRINI
Sitting Bull, e.g. DAKOTA
Skitter FLIT
Sling HURL
Steak ___ DIANE
Stirs (up) PEPS
Succeed (to) ASCEND
Tenth anniversary gift TIN
Thousand Islands locale STLAWRENCE
Town in west Texas FTSTOCKTON
Transvaal settlers BOERS
Two Scottish rivers DEES
Underdog's hope UPSET
Unwelcome work ONUS
Vintage vehicles REOS
Where there's smoke FLUE
With a discount of LESS
Workout woe ACHE