The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,289 - Jun 18 2014

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Clues Answers
Aggression one's driven to display? ROADRAGE
Apt to give a description of 1 20 INCLINED
Charitable inclination to pen free e-novel BENEVOLENT
Decline to follow sun, wanting experience of shade SAGEGREEN
Disloyal individual sacked from squad with regret UNTRUE
Elaborate finale, then we go to Paris for sight of another country THELEANINGTOWER
Facing front, daughter's taken on work OPPOSED
Fawn caught in river, falling over ECRU
Fried food reduced in savoury starters before fish RISSOLE
Gambler briefly hampers race — it's not fair! BRUNETTE
Get moving statement from the chancellor abridged BUDGE
Gets away early to take home sensational coats for the lady MAKESTHERUNNING
Girl coming aboard's shown up male perversion SADISM
Go after opponents at table, then take action? ENSUE
Clues Answers
Maintenance chappie prevents soldier from flying GROUNDSMAN
Most decorated lidless tarts in fact short of filling FUSSIEST
Mr Gore converted US homes as accommodation for needy ALMSHOUSE
Official measure causes damage to the ears HERTZ
Pack animal from America quite contrary LLAMA
Persuade old king to hold up agreement in Munich CAJOLE
Queen backs relations getting together again REUNION
Record breaker's time is shown above in headline BANNISTER
Rough criminal may be caught thus, embracing one-time lover INEXACT
Sportsman, one of five in pursuit of fast runner crossing line? HARLEQUIN
Such a chorister featured in cathedral tour ALTO
Throat remedy brought us together on air LINCTUS
With other people, setter's on edge RESTIVE