Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 19 2014

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Clues Answers
'-- Got a Secret' IVE
'--, Trains & Automobiles' PLANES
'Humbug!' BAH
'The Raven' writer POE
'Uh-huh' YUP
-- Angeles LOS
-- out (supplements) EKES
1986 John Hughes film PRETTYINPINK
24 hours DAY
Addict USER
Addition symbol PLUS
Bear's home CAVE
Before ERE
Big Mac ingredients PICKLES
Bill TAB
Busy with UPTO
Caspian feeder ARAL
Crow's cry CAW
Diet lunch SALAD
Eggs OVA
Eventual swan UGLYDUCKLING
Former soldier VET
Foundation BED
Four qts GAL
Freeway access RAMP
Fresh NEW
Fulton's power STEAM
Give temporarily LEND
Gloomy GRIM
Harridan SHREW
Hawaiian resort area KONA
High point PEAK
Clues Answers
Hosp. hookups IVS
Huge BIG
Hurry RUSH
Impresario Sol HUROK
Incite GOAD
Infant BABY
Light brown TAN
Like a retired prof EMER
Matterhorn, e.g ALP
Moist DAMP
Monsieur's partner MADAME
MPs' quarry AWOL
Name DUB
Nickelodeon's explorer DORA
Not as narrow WIDER
Opposite of 'post-' PRE
Part of speech VERB
PBS science show NOVA
Peculiar ODD
Pigpen STY
Pismire ANT
Relocate MOVE
Roger of The Who DALTREY
Satanic EVIL
Series of battles WAR
Shoe statistic EEE
Singer Mitchell JONI
Stare stupidly GAWK
Stove compartment OVEN
Trot JOG
Vacationing AWAY
Volcanic outflow LAVA