Irish Times (Crosaire) - Feb 28 2014

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Clues Answers
A promising future, for instance, holding key to merchant ship ARGOSY
American travelling through square heard Rick's flighty woman from the past AVIATRIX
Artist great at painting the fashion business RAGTRADE
Below, paying novice inside? That's saying it wasn't as important as it really was! UNDERPLAYING
Can no longer order detectives to press on with head of department DISCONTINUED
Cast includes one doing the paperwork FILING
Classic case, in a manner of speaking BYWORD
Clean hands is a major talking point in court INNOCENCE
Draw Number 10? STANDOFF
Eager to take place on board from one involved in on-line business SURFER
Guardian to stand up for Cockney girl DEFENDER
Hamlet tends to sob a lot to old newsman TOWNCRIER
Handy pieces of equipment for cutting something down to size KNIVES
Hassle on holiday from Project STICKOUT
Clues Answers
Heard principal accepted truth AXIOM
If many affected by scandal? INFAMY
Job at Christmas gets donation from Cape GIFTWRAP
Jumpy on the board at anniversary? It's child's play! BOUNCYCASTLE
Most withdrawn call for silence gets positive response from Turkish leader SHYEST
Play starts with golf event at school OPENS
Produced Saw from criminal assets returned to designer TOOLMAKER
Reluctant to be in good mood over such a ratty, hairy coat COYPU
Scare a doctor with salad CAESAR
Single out one hollow damaged for your information IDENTIFY
Switch class in intelligence agency associations CONSORTIA
That Bush can be poisonous and spicy hearing advice from lawyer to computer company SUMAC
Train one awkward copper at the last minute as unable to express oneself INARTICULATE
Two coppers perhaps on sak¿ cocktail found in bakery CUPCAKES